[SCP Project | Looking for Builder]

[SCP Project | Looking for Developers]

》About Us:

✦ Hello, if you are reading this you’ve most likely gotten interested in the title of the post, and if you are, we welcome you to the recruitment guide for our project.

✦ We are a small group who has grown an interest towards SCP and many projects that follow the internet lore, and are currently looking for a way of expanding our miniscule group.

✦ The current stakes for any developer who is interested in participating in this project are very unstable, as we are paying through the format of percentages of profits. The type of game that we’re envisioning can be very successful if done right, and with the right team in hands it is definitely possible.


✦ At the moment we’re looking for experienced people when it comes to building. Specifically, a single experienced builder, with at least 2 years of building experience.


➢ [Builder]: ____

✦ For the interested builders, the style of the game isn’t going to be low poly neither hyper realistic, as it will be a simple semi realistic map, therefore the 2 years experience gap. You won’t be doing any other unnecessary tasks, such as modeling, terrain and other things, you are only building.

✦ The time that we will provide for both developers will be “free”. How so? Well, we’re letting you run free and build whenever you’d like to, of course, with some rules being established between us. You can work whenever you want during the week, but not doing anything or doing the least things possible is not acceptable.


✦ As already stated before, we’re paying in percentages, so no direct cash or robux until the finished product of the project and the initial gain of profits. The division between the team would go something like the following:

20% of the entire profits for each.

》Contact Us:

✦If you’re willing to work with us, and you’re interested in knowing more about the project, you can contact us via discord, through either, “za warudo#6208”, or the head scripter’s, Lichh#0165.

✦As a last detail, for those who read, you must be 14 years old or above to participate in this project as a developer, and easy ways of communicating with us. If you are younger than 14, you can always contact us and show us your work through your portfolio.


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