SCP Realistic Roleplay Facility [HIRING DEVELOPERS]

SCP Facility Development

About Us

Hello, we are currently looking for talented developers who would be interested in the development of an SCP genre Facility that will look as realistic as possible. It is a Roleplay Game, so revenue is guaranteed. Our previous project has earned 200,000+ Robux. (Area 72 Roleplay, but it was shut down due to the owner being scammed and group being stolen)

About The Job

We are looking for talented:

  • Builders
  • Scripters
  • UI Designers
  • Modelers/Moulders
  • Animators
  • GFX Artists


We are paying up to 15% - 20% off all Game Revenue and a permanent developer position in the group if you want, and a high rank. Also some rewards to most progressive developers. (We are a new group and do not have a large fund, we spend all of it into ADs. Also upon the new site release, we will be running ADs valued over 10 - 20k robux and sponsored game AD.)

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: Evil Doer#0897

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: :building_construction:


i could help, but im developing another game and i have online clases so i will try to do my best.
if you are interseted dm me in: mariomola3#0562.

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Two questions.
One: What things will the builders be building?
Two: What things will be getting animated? e.g. player movement, tools.

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FYI, it’s not the best idea to offer a percentage of revenue made as there’s no guaranteed payment. If you are willing to entice more developers you need to offer a up-front payment instead of them risking their work on how well the group does.


The builders will be creating assets such as hallways, containment areas, outside zones and so on.
The animators will be animating weapons, SCP objects, items/tools.

Outside zones… So terrain right?

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No, terrain is supposed to be made by someone who specializes in it, outside i mean is structures such as guard posts and Chaos Insurgency Outpost.

We are paying up to 15% - 20% off all Game Revenue

Does this mean that 15% to 20% is shared between the 6 developers that you’re wanting to hire?
If so, what are you doing to earn 75% to 80% of the game’s future revenues?

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Hey, I have staffed before on a site called Area-02 if you ever need staff with experience of 6+ years just contact my discord TormentedSoul#2507. Also I can build decently with 2+ years of building.

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20% Each category.
Builders - 20%
Scripters - 20% and so on.
Anything that remains (Maximum 10 - 20%) will go towards Advertisements and Sponsors.

Ah okay, thanks for clarifying.

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I am interested @Clxzed#8551

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This statement is a bit misleading, as it’s not guaranteed that a game will make money just because it’s “roleplay” oriented.

Also, what sets your SCPF apart from others? I’ve been in the genre since 2015 of October, and have seen it grow and change since, but since 2017, there have been no new innovations, or changes that have been beneficial. What will your group do that will make it unique, will there be more focus on SCPs? Perhaps not a giant part of the group as combatives? Maybe more animated and complex SCPs, or perhaps the integration of communication with sentient SCPs? I am interested in this in the sense that I have some friends from the old-era who might want to come along, but What exactly are you doing to make this unique, if anything? If I’m correct, you come from BlueConX’s foundation, and from that group, I saw nothing new.

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it seems that the group is more money - oriented since they are developing a roleplay site.

Well no, from the looks of it, they are a serious group that uses roleplay site funds to fund them. It’s a common economic model that’s been followed by SCPFs since 2018. As you can see from SkyChillo’s profile, the group has departments, and the process is essentially tryouts and applications.


Right, hello. What is unique and original is quite an interesting topic indeed. The fact that SCP genre has not changed much for years is unfortunately true. But what we are trying to make here is to build a new SCP game, that wont just feature the normal SCP stuff such as Security killing Class-Ds, and Scientists just testing. This game will be the first to implement the Logistics Department as a whole. With a huge outside area, we will be adding a sort of a factory that will be producing goods for the Foundation. Logistics together with Security will be tasked on transporting things ranging from food, ammo, ending with dangerous world-ending SCP objects.
Another huge unique subject of the game will be the use of random events on-site, such as radiation leaks, door malfunctions, or random system failures. We currently are also deciding if we want to create a Reactor Core on Site or not. So that will also give quite a few challenges to the players.
Oh and, most importantly the Surface Helicopter patrols, as this will be the first SCP game that will actually implement a working helicopter that can easily be operated by even a noob.

These ideas all sound like what I’ve dreamed of implementing in my very own SCPF I plan on launching this September. With these implementations, you could definitely accrue a good amount of profit, and a large sum of members, even a good amount from the retro genre members. Unfortunately, yes, most of SCPF today is characterized by development scandals, cough ValueChanged, and the games almost always now revolve around the CDC, and combatives wasting potential guarding a line. I’ll get into contact with the friends to see if they’re interested.

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Amazing, that would be fantastic. Thank you.

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