SCP: Roleplay | Game Rules


Welcome to @MetatableIndex’s SCP: Roleplay

In this roleplay game, created by MetaMethod, you can conduct tests on anomalous entities captured by the Foundation, defend the facility from raiders, fight off riots, recontain breached SCPs, and much more!

This topic details the rules present while playing SCP: Roleplay, as well as each respective punishment for breaking said rules.

Note that we do not refund for action taken based on rule breaking . Make sure that you play safe and don’t break the rules to avoid action being taken.


1. Do not break the Roblox ToS - Don’t break the Roblox Terms of Service. It has a lot of rules that apply to all games throughout roblox.
2. Follow the Roblox Community Rules - These are also to be followed in every game in Roblox.
3. Do not exploit - Exploiting will result in a permanent ban. Simply put, don’t do it. Glitching maliciously warrants a ban, such as glitching outside the map to spawn kill someone. This excludes harmless exploration and curiosity.
4. Be tolerative - Tolerate other people: their religion, race, orientation, etc. Do not use hate speech or racism. Anti Semitic/bypassed/racist/derogatory speech is not allowed.
5. Do not spam the radio - The radio is an important part of the gameplay. It is where most of the combative communications are done. Don’t spam it. This includes talking nonsense in the radio or long sentences of randomness.
6. The moderator’s decision is final - Do not go at a moderator for their decision. If you feel like your punishment is unjust, discuss it with other members of our staff team (Trial-Moderator and above) in our official server.
7. Do not breach entities if you’re not a Class-D or Chaos Insurgency - Breaching entities is only for Class-D or the Chaos Insurgency.
8. Do not spawn kill (SK) / random kill (RK) - Random killing is the act of killing someone for no reason at all or just because you want to. Example: Authorising Class D then unauthorized for no reason and killing them.
9. Do not advertise or perform transactions outside of the game - If someone tells you to buy an item in exchange for something in SCP: Roleplay or selling in-game credits for robux it is a scam as in-game items nor credits cannot be sold/re-sold. If someone asks you to visit a scam website and/or give log-in details for something it is guaranteed to be a scam and is punishable by a Perm Ban. Advertising to people to join a group or game is not allowed, this may result in consequences upwards to a ban.
10. Do NOT spam or abuse / misuse the report system or you will be warranted with a ban.
11. Do not abuse the “:announce” command , e.g: “:announce guys don’t kill my friend he’s cool”. Announcements are for things that apply to the entirety or the majority of the site. Instead, just talk to them on the radio or announce little things such as the example on the radio.
12. Abusing the Authorize tool is not allowed. - This rule in special circumstances falls under Rule 8.
13. Impersonating a Moderator, Developer or MetatableIndex in a malicious way - Depending on your actions, you will be given a plethora of consequences ranging from warnings to bans.
14. Do not evade a Moderators Punishment - If you decide to ignore a moderator’s warnings and leave the game, you will be punished accordingly (from a 12H TBAN+).


Moderators make their existence very obvious. You’ll see them with their name as Moderator [Name] and with a gavel on the left of their name on the Leaderboard.

If someone says they’re a moderator but don’t exhibit those, they’re not a moderator.

Moderators are individuals either handpicked by The Administrator or via applications once a while.

You may find them in our official server, or in-game.


Make sure you follow all of the rules that are in this topic. It is very important that you do so.

If you spot anyone breaking these, record it and send it to a trial-moderator+! If you don’t, you’re letting said individual continue breaking the rules in more servers.

Now, have some fun. See you in SCP: Roleplay!

- The Administrator @MetatableIndex