(SCP) Sectors Order

So I’m working on a SCPF Game, and some days ago, I was thinking about the Sectors, like, the Light Containment, Heavy Containment…

A big part of the Roblox’s SCP Roleplays, use a system that is “Sector I, Sector II, Sector III and Sector IV”. If you ask me, I would prefer to use the original Sectors (LCZ, HCZ, EZ), but, many people that plays SCP Games, proably never heard about SCP:CB or any other SCP Story. For that reason, I think that the players can prefer to use the Sector System instead of the “Zone System”.

But, if I order the game by Sectors, the SCP:CB players would not like the game, or yes? And, If I order the game by Zones, the new players won’t understand it?

In summary, what’s the better option, Sectors or Zones?

  • Sectors
  • Zones
  • Bot of them?

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Why can’t you use both systems and just offer an option to the player for which one they’d like to see?

In cases like: “Requesting … at Sector…”, “SCP-xxx breached containment at Sector…”, I would like to all players use the same “code”, to make it easier to understand by anyone.

SCP:CB used zones as difficulty levels. It would be quite unfair to expect players to avoid SCP-966s without them previously learning how to use SCP-914 and obtaining NV goggles.

I would say that sectors are a better solution for role-playing as they give a more precise location, while zones basically divide a large map into 3 sizable portions, but also make more sense as you would obviously separate useful objects from dangerous. An even better solution would be to divide it into 3 zones which are then divided into sectors.

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Huge SCP fan here who’s seen roleplay groups thick and thin from 2011 to now and followed the SCP Wiki for around just as long.

The origination of Light and Heavy Containment Zones (in rare cases, Moderate Containment Zone), as well as the construction of sites altogether, were a precedent set by SCP:CB. As groups started to advance through the years and create new sites, they started thinking of different ways to represent areas. One of the first groups to pioneer sectors was Eltork’s SCP Foundation with Area 108 and ever since, most groups adapted the sector system. It’s safe to say that group set the precedent for the use of sectors.

Sectors originate from the Secure Facilities Locations canon guide, for which sectors are represented as a section of a facility used for a specific purpose (containment, research, etc). You’ll notice that most sites use sectors to designate varying levels of SCP containment with the exception of Sector 2 which often also includes the Class D Cells area (which seemingly doubles over as a common room in regards to an observation deck or room).

You should fix yourself on the narrative of your game rather than puzzling over whether to use sectors or zones. Remember that there is no lore for SCP and SCP:CB is only one representation of how the developers envision an SCP facility to play out. The same goes with SCP roleplay groups: they are focused on recreating a certain narrative and headcanon (or canon) of how they believe SCP functions.

Frankly, it is completely your choice what you decide to do. You can use both interchangeably, or one or the other. Notice that you can make many combinations off of these terms:

  • Sector I
  • Light Containment Zone
  • Light Containment Zone, Sector III
  • Sector II, Heavy Containment Zone

Primarily, here’s something to remember: X Containment Zone typically refers to, as the name states, a section of an SCP facility dedicated to the containment of entities. However, with sectors, it allows you to designate arbitrary amounts of portions of a facility without thinking of extra names for containment zones (Light, Moderate, Heavy, Special, Biological, Artifact, …).

Once again: if you’re looking for some ideas, your best bet is to first look over the Secure Facilities Locations universe guide first and then try to make the decision yourself depending on what you feel fits best. This was linked above for your convenience.

If you are making an SCP roleplay group, choose either or weave both into your game. The majority of your playerbase will understand what exactly something means: containment zones have their intentions in the title and sectors usually refer to varying levels of danger. Even if players don’t understand, their focus is to get the most amount of entertainment and danger out of your game as possible.

If you are making an actual SCP game not tied to serious roleplay, you may want to consider being more explicit in your intentions by giving your areas a clear name and setting a fitting atmosphere to indicate that you’re in a zone where safety is increasingly uncertain at every turn. Sectors and zones will easily be understood for those who were or are involved in current SCP roleplay groups but not so much for the rest of your playerbase who may not have any knowledge on what SCP is, hence the need to expertly convey your intentions through atmosphere and word choice.


I would use the term known as Sectors. I know that most SCP games use that title for the different hallways. Like @CreepySins SCP game. Also, how could you use both terms? Would it be like “There is a breach in Sector Zone 1”? Anyways, I hope this helped.

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Seeing as I was mentioned for this. Not everyone has different names, and most people refer to it as sectors. However, you could always use something else if you wanted, but looking at the scpwiki, it shouldn’t really be changed from sector, and you could possibly get away with “zone”.


I’m personally an SCP fan, the Containment Breach game itself and some roblox roleplays. I love zone work more than sectors so I do believe you should go with zones. If you need a builder, animator or uniform designer just hit me up man!

Exactly, I agree. (I’m a huge fan of your SCPF by the way.)

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Thanks for all the responses. I’m a little bit late, but I now know everything that I needed.

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