S.C.P. Site-19 Roleplay - Changelog


+ - Addition
~ - Bugfix
! - Alteration


v5.0.7 Patch
~ Fixed players unable to exit the terminal or SCP-294.
~ Fixed SCP-294 not playing sound effects.
v5.0.6 Patch
+ Added a topbar button for ease of access to the Private Server panel. (You can also press "v" to toggle.)
+ Added Chaos Insurgency to admin panel.

! Weapon balancing
! Riot Shield will now reduce damage if unequipped.
! Omega warhead will now only kill players underground.
! Zombie instances now live longer.
! Private server panel optimizations.
v5.0.5 Patch
~ Fixed SCP-106's not recontaining properly when Luring.
~ Fixed a glitch occuring when you double click selecting a team in the main menu.

! Wage crediting will no longer automatically save. (Possible fix for some players not getting their Credits.)
! Increased hitbox for Tesla electrical box. 
v5.0.4 Patch
~ Fixed non-combatants being able to pick up some weapons.
~ Fixed Credit reward not being given to the player who infected.
~ Fixed SCP-106 not recontaining after being Lured.
v5.0.3.1 Hotfix
~ Fixed Infected Credit reward glitch.
v5.0.3 Patch
+ Added Credit reward for the following tasks:
  * Power Restore
  * Healing
  * Infecting

+ Added uniform for MTF Nu-7 Deputy Commander.

~ Fixed weapon model on character not disappearing when a player switches their primary weapon.
~ Fixed SCP-096's chamber lever breaking after the recontainment.
~ Fixed picking up some dangerous items not marking players as hostile.
~ Fixed missing texture for one of the ceilings.
~ Fixed some uniforms showing outlines for mobile players. (Not all are fixed yet.)

! Extended the invisible barrier near Chaos Insurgency spawn.
! Respawn interval for SCPs is now 15 minutes.
! Buffed health for SCP-049, SCP-096, and SCP-173.
! The Anti-RK system will now be disabled on private servers.
! The invisible barrier near MTF spawn will now explicitly block Class Ds and Chaos Insurgents.
! Melee sounds are now dynamically played.
! Adjusted Credit rewards for tasks.
! Rebalanced some of the firearms.
! The weapon supply room in LCZ is now accessible with a Level 3 keycard.
! Reduced SCP-012's blur effect radius.
! Locker Interface now closes when the player gets far from the locker.
v5.0.2 Patch
+ Added uniform for MTF Epsilon-11's Deputy Commander.
+ Added an experimental punishment for random shooting.

~ Fixed players getting negative Credits after character death.
~ Fixed SCP-096 still screaming even after death.
~ Fixed SCP-106's theme stopping when being lured.
~ Fixed Teslas zapping when its electrical box is damaged.
~ Fixed Fan sound not playing after powering on again.
~ Fixed player inventory not clearing when returning to the main menu.
~ Fixed HCZ lockdown not updating checkpoint monitors.
~ Fixed Class Ds not receiving contraband upon start of the Riot event.
~ Fixed players not being notified when they get credited their wage.
~ Fixed every player not being able to sprint when SCP-1123 is being interacted with.
~ Fixed Tesla gates going idle after the timer ends when it was online before being temporarily disabled.
~ Fixed parts of the Flashlight model on the character not disappearing when equipping.
~ Fixed spamming Alarm lever.
~ Fixed hand rails at 173 CR and surface blocking bullets.
~ Fixed an issue breaking the main menu when fetching developer product info fails.

! There is now a cooldown between each decontamination sequence.
! Disabled electrical box damaging during breach and riot events.
! SCP-173 will now stay grounded to the floor.
! Damaged electrical box indicator will now resize based on how far you are.

! A sound effect when the facility power turns on will now play.
  * A notification is now displayed.

! Decontamination sequence will now play a sound effect.
! Updated Baton model.
! Updated the Beret accessories.

! Updated uniforms for the following teams:
  * Department of Analytics
  * MTF Epsilon-11 (Commander)
  * MTF Beta-7

! Added more keycard pickups around the facility.
! Alpha Warhead can now be detonated via Terminal.
! Primary weapon pickups are now limited to one (1) for each player.
! Updated animations for the Kriss Vector.
v5.0.1 Patch
+ Added barrier at MTF spawn to prevent spawnkilling.

~ Fixed duplicate tracker on minimap.
~ Fixed players having shift lock option.
~ Fixed data not being saved.
~ Fixed new players starting with 999999 Credits.
~ Fixed wages not being credited every interval.

! OSD Cadets will now use the default outfit.
! Santa hat is now unavailable.
v5.0 - Foundation Update
+ Added an in-game currency system.
+ Added alternative clothing lockers for some teams.
+ Added new interact icons for seats and lockers.

+ Added the following outfits:
  * FLO (Research & Engineering)
  * Combat Medic (Security Department)
  * Tactical Security (Security Department)
  * Dr. Clef (Administrative Department)
  * Dr. Gears (Administrative Department)
  * Agt. Dimitri (Administrative Department)
  * Snow variant (MTF Nu-7)

+ Added wrench for Researcher.
+ Added Alpha Warhead.
+ Added decontamination sequence.

+ Added the following weapons:
  * M240
  * M16
  * Kriss Vector
  * Beretta M9 (Silenced)
  * MP7

+ Added a new way for certain departments to spawn
  * Access a terminal and type 'team mtf/ad/doa'

~ Fixed SCP-106 not chasing.
~ Fixed private server panel breach and recontain functions.
~ Fixed private server panel teleport function.

! New main menu and pause menu interface.
! New market dealer interface.
! New Shop menu accessible via Class-D/Insurgent dealer.

! Updated clothing for the following teams:
  * Janitor
  * Medic
  * Intelligence Agency
  * Security
  * Researcher
  * MTF Beta-7
  * MTF Alpha-1
  * MTF Epsilon-11
  * MTF Nu-7
  * Administrative Department
  * Ethics Committee
  * Department of Analytics
  * Site Director

! Updated models and animations for the following tools:
  * Flashlight
  * Clipboard
  * Baton

! Data will no longer save on private servers.
! Updated MTF Alpha-1 helmet.
! Updated blood stain texture.
! Updated the options menu.
! Updated most handheld tool animations.
! Renamed old Alpha Warhead to Omega Warhead.
! Tweaked firearm hit registration.
! Changed dialogue text when attempting to use Medkit with full health.
! SCP-106 will now immediately kill its victims. (Until the dimension is re-added)
! New player walk and run animations.
! Radio is no longer a dangerous item.
! SCP-008-2 Instances will now retain their character accessories.
! Slightly nerfed damage caused by AN-94.