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Becoming a NTF unit.

To become a NTF unit, you must be active, have no bad records with admins and be well known in the community. NTF members are handpicked by staff meaning that there is no clear and instant way to obtain the team. Begging for NTF will almost instantly guarantee in never getting the spot. A good way to let admins know who you are and that you are active is every time you see them in-game simply give them a hello followed by your name.

svg - The Administrator.

Escaping the facility as Class D.

Hello there Class D, we are the Chaos Insurgency. We believe the secrets these people are hiding must be exposed to let the world know the true horrors on Earth. If you want to escape the facility and help us revolutionise the world follow these steps:

  • Find a key card, these are commonly in SCP chambers and on scientist’s desks.
  • Find a weapon, these can be found in the armoury located near MTF spawn or on scientist’s desks.
  • Locate Gate-B and use your key card to open it. Then you can arm yourself and fight back.

CI%20Main - Chaos Insurgency.

Recontaining SCPs.

Each SCP have their own containment procedures that must be carried out in order to re-contain them. These procedures can be found on the SCPs page on the mini-website. However, it is important to note that in all cases of a breach scientists must be evacuated to a shelter and all roaming Class D must be taken out. There is also a hierarchy of command in the facility as follows (higher has more power).

  • Intelligence Agency
  • Nine Tailed Fox
  • Mobile Task Force
  • Security Deparement

svg - The Administrator.


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