S.C.P. Site 19 Roleplay - Rules & Regulations

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Welcome to the Foundation, newly employed personnel.

On behalf of the SCP Foundation and our staff, we welcome you to a thrilling
employment experience in one of our top secret research facilities.
You are hereby assigned to fulfil your duties at Site-19.
Before you begin, all Foundation personnel are to read and revise the on-site
rulebook which is listed below in this document.

We wish you luck in your endeavours.

“Secure. Contain. Protect”

S.C.P. Roleplay
On-Site Foundation Rulebook - Rules & Regulations
Approved by: Site Command on behalf of The Administrator
Revised On: 3/25/2021

Take note that the rules have been shortened a bit for guest and L-0 use. If you would like to see the rules in more detail, and rank up, please join the communications server via the group page.

Also take note that Class-D and insurgents may go anywhere in the site and grab anything without being punished by moderators. However, Class-D will be shot on-sight if you are in areas you’re not allowed to be or when it’s able to be proven that you have illegal items. Insurgents are KOS regardless for foundation personnel.


  • “Specialized Teams” refers to teams that can only be gotten via tryouts, applications or handpicking. Gamepasses and free teams do not count. (Especially IA. IA means nothing, it is nothing, it gives you no power.)

  • “Official R&E” refers to R&E members in the actual R&E group, not the team itself.

  • “TK personnel” refers to teams such as DoA, B-12, TRT, etc which can kill other personnel.

  • “Level-# team” refers to a team that spawns with that level of keycard.

  • “Level-# personnel” refers to a person with that rank on their ID card. (More important than what you spawn with)

Rules and Regulations

Site Entrances (Surface Area / Gate A and Gate B Inside)

Personnel permitted to enter:

  • Users on a specialized team.
  • Beta-7 and Security (during a raid, which is 3 or more CI)
  • Medics (during a raid, which is 3 or more CI)

Entrance Zone (EZ)

Personnel permitted to enter:

  • Level-2 teams or above.
  • Janitors with valid reasonings for entering. (Such as cleaning blood)

Heavy Containment Zone (HCZ)

Personnel permitted to enter:

  • Specialized teams.
  • Official R&E to conduct tests.

SCP-173 (Peanut)

Personnel permitted to enter control room/operate:

  • Level-3 or above teams may enter the control room.
  • Level-2 teams may enter the control room if they are Level-2 or above personnel on their IDs.
  • Only official R&E may open the chamber door.
  • Any Level-1 or below personnel should stay away from the button entirely.

SCP-178 (The Glasses)

Personnel permitted to enter/operate:

  • Level-2+ teams may enter the room.
  • Janitors may enter with proper reasoning. (Such as cleaning blood)
  • Official R&E may use the glasses for testing.
  • Only people with the Site Command rank on their ID may freely use the glasses.

SCP-1162 (The hole in the wall)

Personnel permitted to enter/operate:

  • Level-3+ teams.
  • Can only be used to get clipboards.


Personnel permitted to enter/operate:

  • All Mobile Task Forces (Including Beta-7)
  • Specialized teams.

Meeting Room

Personnel permitted to enter:

  • Personnel with “Site Command” on their ID card.
  • Specific specialized teams.

Scientific & Janitorial Department Spawns

Personnel permitted to enter:

  • Level-1 teams or above.

Security Department Spawn & Armory

Personnel permitted to enter:

  • Teams that spawn with Level-2 or above.

Entrance Zone Armory

Personnel permitted to enter:

  • Specialized teams.

Administrative Department Complex

Personnel permitted to enter:

  • Specialized teams.

Ethics Committee Spawn

Personnel permitted to enter:

  • Omega-1 members.
  • Ethics Committee members.

Intelligence Agency Spawn

Personnel permitted to enter:

  • Teams that spawn with Level-4 or above.
  • SD re-containing a breached SCP inside or killing insurgents/class-D.

Maintenance Tunnels (The elevators around the site)

Personnel permitted to enter:

  • Teams that spawn with Level-5 or above.

What happens if you violate these rules?

  • Personnel who violate these rules at any time may be killed by specialized teams or kicked by moderators. No refunds on gamepasses.


  • Shooting Class-D to check if they have items is illegal.
  • Any orders given by specialized teams (EC, DoA, TRT, E-11, etc) should be followed without hesitation.
  • Do not intervene with specialized teams when they are dealing with rule-breakers.
  • Intelligence Agency members have no power whatsoever and cannot grab guns or enter heavy.
  • TK personnel have the right to dictate if you are breaking the rules or not.
  • Many specialized teams will not speak to you. This is because they have PTS and are not allowed to do so.
  • Glitch abuse and exploiting will result in immediate bans.
  • “Camping” as a Chaos Insurgent inside their spawn area will result in a kick.
  • Dancing, standing inside people, improper language, and other such indirect fail-roleplay may result in termination.
  • Impersonation of a team you are not may result in a blacklist from that team.
  • If a person with the rank Level-1 or higher on their ID is breaking rules, please report it to a member of the Ethics Committee quickly.
  • Make note that some security or scientists may spawn with higher-level keycards due to their ranks in the group.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • How do I rank up?” To rank up, you must join the game’s discord. The discord is found on the games group page under the social links portion. If you are unable to see it, it is because you are underaged and are not allowed to join.

  • Why did you kill me?” if you were killed by specialized teams, you were violating one rule or another. Remember, not every rule is in this handbook to keep it simple for new players. Join the communications server to learn more.

  • Why can’t I go in there? The handbook says I can.” That area is either rank locked or department locked by specialized teams. This means only a specific rank or specific teams may enter, dictated by the personnel currently guarding that area.

  • Will there be an event?” Administrative Personnel, our event hosters, will only host events when they want to. Please do not bother them and ask for events, they will do one when they want to.

Specialized teams:

  • Ethics Committee.

  • Administrative department.

  • Tactical Response Team.

  • MTF Epsilon-11.

  • MTF Nu-7.

  • MTF Alpha-1.

  • MTF Omega-1.

  • Bravo-12.

  • Department of Analytics.

  • Site Director.

Level-1 teams:

  • Janitors (Tasked with cleaning the site.)

Level-2 teams:

  • Security Department (Tasked with protecting the site.)

  • Medics (Tasked with healing personnel around the site)

Level-3 teams:

  • Scientists (R&E) (Tasked with assisting official R&E with tests when asked to do so.)

Level-4 teams:

  • Beta-7 (Tasked with protection from the site against some SCPs, along with fighting insurgents and rioters)

Level-5 teams:

  • Intelligence Agency (Tasked with observing the entrance zone and light containment zone and reporting any weird things to combative.)

Specialized Teams

Please follow these rules and together we can have a better roleplay
experience. Thank you for playing.

~From the S.C.P. Roleplay Administration


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