SCP Style Hallway Build

Hiya, for the past few days I’ve been working on this SCPF style hallway which I will then probably use to build an entire site I’m a somewhat new builder - please give me any feedback about my build or suggestions on how to make it better! Any and all feedback is appreciated! :slight_smile: Remove the “a” at the beginning to access the video of the build! --------> a

Hallway looks boring and lacks use of different types of materials. Vents look awfully small and are a weirdly sized. No reasoning for lights to be displayed inside the wall as that isn’t very realistic and look too small.

In my opinion, make the pillars on the wall a bit wider, try experimenting with different materials (or use meshes). Add details to the ceiling and fix ceiling light.

If you need some inspiration, try to replicate the walls I used in my prison game. Never less I can see you are new, and everyone starts off somewhere. Best of luck! :heart:

Inspiration (if needed)


Wow, thank you so much for your kind words. I will definitely take your feedback into account. I have also asked others on Discord and they have said similar things - things which I will surely work on. I genuinely appreciate your comment about “how everyone starts somewhere” which is truly inspiring for me. Have a blessed day.

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