SCP Suggesions for my scp game!

Hello! I am currently working on a scp game called scp:cc on roblox but I have used all the more “commonly known” scps. (049,682,173,etc)

Please recommend some more unique (But hopfully easy to make) scps that I can add to my game!
Also if you have any ideas for unique task that people can do also feel free to tell me!


It would be cool to have SCP-087 with a staircase… or, SCP-409, the crystal. I don’t really know what you consider “commonly known” but here are some incase you forgot any :slight_smile: SCP-096, SCP-106, SCP-999, SCP-3008.

Good luck on your game!

yeah I already got all of those but 087 seems like a cool one to add!

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Add a scp like, when hear it sound (unhuman footsteps idk scream or talking whatever) u should stop and freeze and don’t move, while when u hear his number 2 sound (talking or idk) u should run as hard as u can and the player have to identify what should he/she do in a very short time span or the scp will catch u :fearful: :joy: