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Special Containment Procedures Foundation


Transparency Act

Whilst certain documents may remain confidential to Internal Members of a certain faction, representatives of members within the leadership of a faction shall remain transparent with the Faction Committee when questioned.

  • Transparency may include data of members hired or training documents.
  • Documents that include combative or interaction context shall be transparent to the commission when requested.

Non-Profit Act

Factions are meant to be a free-entry for the Community. Factions are abstained from selling ranks or forcing a member of their faction into providing funding for the benefit of self or the faction. However, a donation that is not forced and given out of sincerity is allowed.

Foundation’s Hand Act

Foundation’s Hand refers to the act of helping one another. Factions are advised to be friendly and neutral with one another. By forming enemies, factions risk a potential de-registration if toxicity act is found.

Progression Act

Factions are advised to prepare at least more than 5 ranks within their group to allow members of the faction to continuously grow with the label. This builds better reputation for the faction and brings pride to one’s self.

Enforcement Act

This act applies to factions that holds a Sector Enforcement permit.

  • Factions are abstained from fully-declining teams passing through their borders. Guidance shall be provided to new players.
  • Whilst execution is allowed on authorised grounds, random shooting is not advised. Factions are advised to give 3 warnings before performing elimination of personnel.
Faction Laws are subjected to change, updates weekly.

Require Assistance?

If you require assistance or guidance, you may contact the following :

  • bonbonpuppet38, Faction Committee
  • ZulRoyce, Faction Committee
  • NurEllydia, Faction Registrar