SCP: Universe | Faction Upgrades

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Special Containment Procedures Foundation


Permanent Upgrades

Upgrades for factions are an optional, below are some upgrades you may purchase to ensure you’re satisfied with your faction.

[UNIFORM] Uniforms are a cool way to flex your differences from other factions or teams.

  • [500] SELF-MADE
    Self-Made uniforms will have to undergo inspection before it is accepted into the game to ensure there are no backdoors. This may take up to 48 hours depending on the time the developer has.

    Quick, Quality Uniforms.

[LOADOUT] Certainly, some guns are not as great as your favourite, below are prices of a singular weapon.

  • [50] BANDAGE

  • [100] PISTOL

  • [200] SMG

  • [200] RIFLE

  • [350] SHOTGUN


  • [1000] M249 / MACHINE GUN


  • [5000] LIGHTSABER

[SPAWN] Your spawn, matters. Especially when your Faction is assigned to an important duty.

  • [0] Default Spawn

  • [500] Sector 1 Spawn

  • [1500] Sector 3 Spawn

  • [1750] Class D Zone Spawn

  • [2000] Sector 4 Spawn

  • [3500] Outdoor Land (includes authority over leased land, private property license)

[POWERS] Extra Perks, making you more powerful than ever.

  • [500] x2 Increased Health

  • [1250] x3 Increased Health

  • [2000] Cloaking Ability

Expireable Upgrades

The following upgrades are also listed as permits, these allow you to have temporary control over certain zones within the facility of a contract of 3 months.

[SECTOR ENFORCEMENT] This grants your faction control over an area*.

  • [2000] Sector 2

  • [3500] Sector 3

  • [3500] Class D Zone

  • [4000] Sector 4

*Whilst having control over an area within the foundation, factions are advised to abide to the Community Guidelines, failure to do so may risk a de-registration by a committee of the Faction Commission of the Foundation.