[SCPE] Area-113 Rules

Welcome to Area-113! by @SkullTail
Area-113 is a roleplay game within the SCP Genre. Our game has been entirely remade from the ground up to ensure our community is having as much fun as possible!

Join the Research Department and learn more about the terrifying creatures within our walls, or break into the facility as a Raider to try to let the monsters loose! The choices are yours to make!

The following is the set of rules that all players are required to follow while playing on Area-113 to ensure that all players have a fun user friendly experience in our game.


  1. Follow the Roblox Terms of Use and Roblox Community Standards . These will be enforced by our in-game moderators with no mercy.

  2. Do not use Exploits or Bugs to cheat. Doing so will get you banned from the game. (These include: Wall glitching, No-clipping, Flying, using any bugs that aren’t intentional features of the game)

  3. Discrimination of anyone is not tolerated inside of our games and will result in an immediate ban from our games as this behavior is unwanted by our community which is here to ensure a safe environment for all of our players to come together.

  4. Random Killing/Team Killing is NOT allowed, even if it is a Gamepass or One-Life Item. This makes gameplay hard as players have to wait to respawn.

  5. Do not breach SCPs as any Foundation teams. The only teams allowed to intentionally breach SCPs is “Class-D Boss”, and “Raiders”

  6. Do not bring SCPs to places that ruins gameplay, this includes the CDC, Spawn Zones, other SCP Chambers.

  7. Do not abuse the control room systems. This includes spamming alarms or announcements, or using the alarms when they’re not needed.

  8. Only members of the Research Department, and O5 Council can host Tests on SCPs. You are limited to 3 Class-Ds per test.

Our Moderation Team
Our staff members are always there to assist you with any problems you may encounter whilst you’re playing Area-113.

If you have a user that you need to report to a Staff member, please use the !help command or join our communications server and submit a report with evidence there.


Thank you for taking a moment to read through the rules. We hope you enjoy the game, we make great strides to publish awesome updates for you guys!.

Final notice: Refunds are not issued if your account has been moderated for breaking any of the rules.