SCPF Alliance guide

Alliance Guide

Alliances are important within groups. The following guide is for other SCPFs or GoIs to ally with us.


  1. Your SCPF must be active and well staffed.

  2. Must be a SCP related group.

  3. Must have a minimum of 125 members.

  4. Must have a positive, solid reputation in the community.

  5. Must have the ability to send one representative and the group leader to our


  1. What is your groups name?

  2. What does your group hope to accomplish in the SCPF community?

  3. How many members does your group currently have?

  4. Does your group have a main game?

  5. What is your communications server?

  6. Why would you like to ally with our Foundation?

  7. How would a partnership benefit both of our groups?

Send this application to the Administrator, O5-X, the DEA Overseer or DEA Director.