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Area - 108 | Hotkeys List

Last Update: January 20th, 2018

[Left Click] - Interact/use (when mouse displays pointing hand, or tool is out)
[=] - Remove hat (when interacting with SCP-1499)
[F3] - Toggle radio interface (with regular radio)
[F4] - Toggle radio interface (with tac-comms radio)
[N] - Toggle night vision (using new NV framework)

Quick Chat (for combatives):
[F5] - Toggle quick chat (as combative or paramilitary personnel)
[H] - Request heal (chats + in green bubble)

[Backspace] - Previous page / Close (if at home page)
*NOTE - Computers are broken.

Classified Tool:
[Left Bracket] - Refresh list
[V] - View selected option
[X] - Reset camera
[B] - “Blind” selected option
[T] - Track / Pinpoint location of selected option
*NOTE - Effects do not persist on death or unequipping the tool. A tool rework in progress.

[Z] - Lower gun
[C] - Crouch / [X] - Stand up
[F] - Flashlight
[Left Shift] - Sprint

[Left Click] - Attack
[E] - Bite
[F] - Growl

[Space] - Close (when picking up a page)