SCPF || Area-14 Update Log

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SCPF || Area-14 Update Log

November 24, 2021

Script Updates

  • Added credits that you can earn by playing onsite (not purchasable with Robux)
  • Added black market dealer that allows you to buy items with credits
  • Added a non-sensitive anti-AFK system which will stop you from earning credits after a certain amount of inactivity (obviously can be bypassed, but it’s there to deal with the simple cases)
  • Added ban, tempban, and unban commands for L-4+
  • Added handcuffs to the Ethics Committee loadout (Regulatory Inspector+)
  • Added the ability to zoom into tablets when they are equipped by left clicking
  • Added an anti-exploit (some false positives, but will help to prevent exploiters on-site) More changes will be made to it in the future to improve the accuracy of it.
  • Added new topbar buttons which serve as a home button, invite friends button and a credit amount indicator
  • Added integration with website for bans, raids, riots and other site functions (some features aren’t functional in Area 14 yet including raids/riots)
  • Added M16A4 to Sigma-9 loadout
  • Added auto-repairing for broken objects when no E&TS are online
  • Added a new module to handle data-storing which utilizes ProfileService
  • Fixed joining reserved servers through terminals
  • Fixed department activity loggers
  • Fixed Alpha-1 VIP loggers
  • Improved an issue where scrolling on terminal Site Security menu was buggy
  • Fixed various E&TS permission issues
  • Fixed being able to walk in place while in the menu screen
  • Fixed issue where dying during lethal gas prevented you from respawning
  • Fixed issue with the red elevator in the TSC canteen’s doors breaking often
  • SCP-472 effects now wear off upon death or after respawning
  • SCP-1200 will no longer allow you to use the combination of small + invisible
  • SCP-999 should now sleep less often
  • Increased time between warning and activation of lethal gas to 90 seconds
  • Increased the rates at which objects will break and require repairing from E&TS
  • Improved the amount of time it takes between team switches in the loadout menu
  • Re-opened the Application Center
  • Slightly increased damage on HK417
  • Adjusted Administration room permissions so that Level 3 can access up to the control room elevator
  • Removed books from the bookcases until they can be rewritten later
  • SCP-409 has been disabled for the time being due to it being non-functional
  • SCP-289 has been disabled for the time being due to certain bugs that revolve around it

Build Updates

  • Added a new containment chamber for some SCPs that includes an airlock and more viewing space
  • Fixed tight stairway in SCP-606 containment chamber
  • Fixed SCP-316 pointing directly towards chamber glass
  • Fixed elevator in TSC kitchen
  • Moved SCP-310 to MCZ and added an airlock to its chamber
  • Moved SCP-316 to LCZ and made its chamber larger
  • Removed SCP-989 and its containment chamber
  • Removed SEOC and replaced it with the Control Room due to their similar purposes (changes will be made to the Control Room in the future so that it serves more as what SEOC was)
  • Removed some empty containment chambers and other unused areas of the facility

Interface Updates

  • Changed nametag font to Source Sans (designed to match older nametags from 2020)
  • Added Dealer user interface
  • Removed L-0 quiz from the main menu and moved the Application Center button in its place