SCPF || August Site Director Elections


It is time for the community to appoint a new Elected Site Director.

Please read the speeches below written by each of the applying candidates so that you may vote for the best one. All speeches will remain anonymous until after the election ends. Speeches are presented exactly as they were provided, without any modifications.

Speech A

Greetings everyone,

Ever since I have joined the Foundation I knew how much I would love this group. Our community is one of the best ones out there and I would be honored to lead every single one of you in the Foundation. I have seen this group go through rough patches but we seem to always work through them. This is why I want to be your Elected Site Director, to help with problems that the foundation is experiencing. For being the largest Foundation on ROBLOX we still have problems that can be fixed. For instance:

  • Exploiters on site
  • Attempt to decrease the amount of riots so testing and checkups are not halted.
  • Help change guidelines to make site duties run more smoothly.
  • Listen to everyone’s concerns.

To conclude, if you elect me as your Elected Site Director I promise to make sure I am doing everything I can to improve this Foundation. Also, to be as active as I am able to be. I will make sure to not let to let you guys down.

Speech B

Greeting Foundation personnel,

It’s been another fantastic month, and it is now time to elect a new Site Director. If I was chosen to be site director then I would try my hardest to listen and engage with the community. I want to make your time here better than any other SCPF. I want to shape the foundation in your eyes. We certainly have issues within our foundation, I want to fix these if I was chosen to be the next SiD.

  • Activities for everyone onsite. Weekly competitions, such as the most active, the one who has tested the most, the one who has escorted the most. I want to make your time onsite fun and engaging and not to make it feel like a job.
  • Relationships between departments. Because of the inactivities of departments, tensions slowly rise between them. I want to stop this. I want to make every department work along each other.
  • Activity in general. I want to make your time onsite fun. Like I suggested in point 1, I want to make it rewarding, I want people to work towards something. I want people to be recognised by everyone.
  • Tensions between foundation personnel and Class D. I want to make the transition from Class D to foundation personnel easier. I would like there to be dedicated personnel there to help newly joined members along the way.
  • Class D’s- I want to make your time onsite more engaging, I would like there to be more interviews by Ethics. I want YOUR views to be taken in to make your time more exciting.

If I was elected I would try my absolute hardest to implement all of the above.

Speech C

I have been with this Foundation for quite some time now. Throughout that time I have seen this group grow to what it is now, a very large and advanced group with a good future and solid community. But just like every other group they have their flaws, which I will try my best to resolve. Some of these problems include or revolve around the following;

Activity as a whole, the group’s activity has been declining or unchanging since Area-14, which is certainly disappointing. When activity in one department drops, it effects the rest of the departments. If the Scientific Department or the Medical Department activity drops then the Security Department activity will drop because they won’t have as much to do. So then the Medical Department and the Scientific Department activity drops further because there are is not enough Security Department personnel. If we want to be active, we all have to be active. Which is why it is key that you all come on site to improve activity.

Communication between the higher ups and the lower ranking individuals. It seems as if, even during my time as a Level 4, that the Foundation Personnel and other lower ranks of the community are ignored. With this ignorance there sometimes comes some distrust and sometimes even hostility between the high ranks and low ranks. This is something that requires fixing and can only be done if we all cooperate on this issue together.

The community and environment, I am sure most of us can agree that over these few months this group has continued to become more and more toxic. Unrelated has become a place where people either insult each other, spam messages or other such unwelcome behaviour. Even on site this hate or toxicity spreads and sometimes simple stuff seems to get to people. This is another issue that requires everyones involvement, to help fix. The community and environment depends on us.

I joined this foundation and absolutely enjoyed my time here and plan on leaving knowing it still has a bright future ahead of it. If elected as Site Director I promise to solve these issues and create a more positive and welcoming Foundation.

Speech D

Oh hey!

I have been here haft a year, I have worked so hard to get where I am today. Class-D, all the way to clearance Level-4. But I didn’t do it alone, at the time my superiors encouraged me more, and more to fight hard and always keep looking for the light at the end of the long tunnel, and I did that. They encouraged me at the times I needed it the most. Now look where I am.

For the second time, I am running for Elected Site Director. I plan to use this time to make this Foundation brighter in every way. Now don’t get me wrong there will be a lot of speed bumps along the way. But I think I can overcome them.

  • I plan to hear out any suggestions and concerns all of you may have to better the Foundation and your time while staying with us. Making it more fun and enjoyable place to work.
  • Communication is key in our Foundation. We need MORE communication between all departments to benefit one another. Without communication, we wouldn’t get anywhere. This is something we really need more of.
  • Rules are being broken by Foundation members.
  • Class-D suggestions need to be heard to better enhance their time while with us.
  • Exploiting.

If I am elected Site Director, I plan by the end of the month to have all this problems fixed, and bring me and the community closer to the end of that long tunnel. I plan to be onsite as much as I can to deal with onsite problems that need to be fixed. Failure is not an option for me if I am elected Site Director.

Thank you all.

After you have read all the speeches, please vote for the best one at our applications center.

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Special Containment Procedures Foundation

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