[SCPF] Complex Zeta is looking for more developers!

Howdy, I am forgotlogic, the Administrator of a 4,600+ growing SCP Foundation!

We are highly active reaching during weekends 60+ live players on our main facility without any advertisements or sponsors being necessary. We intend on keeping our funding for paying commission seeking developers and doing large scale ads after Complex Zeta’s release.

Negotiable Payment Options
We are looking for talented developers who are capable of scripting/building to a high standard. We would like to give out a permanent percentage of all of the group’s funding and give out commissions upon release if this is a preferred payment, this all depends on your work ethic and dedication to the project.

Project’s Current Status
Overall the project is almost completed however we are now looking for scripters and builders who can expand our project to make the next two weeks prior to release even more epic than what we have already! We are working with the most experienced developers in the genre and therefore this won’t be a waste of your time, if you honestly are looking for a larger group to work in this is the perfect opportunity to get involved while you can!

If interested you can either reply to this thread, message me on the DevForum or forgot#0001
I look forward to being in touch with you all!

So are you looking for builders and scripters? And is % guaranteed? How much? Any sort of backup payment? May be in interested, I just want to know this though.

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We’re giving around 10% in percentage and you are guaranteed quite a bit of funding out of it considering we’re investing hundreds of thousands into this game through investments after we’re finished.

I love the SCP genre, I think I could build within that genre with some examples of things Id be building.

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