SCPF Hallway Creation

Hey everybody, my name is Leighton. I don’t want to bore you with my background, so lets get straight to the point - I specialize in programming, not building - however, I can still put together builds that have some standard of quality.

I am working on a new site for my upcoming Foundation - this game will be a underground based research facility with quality assurance for all fields. I am interested in this kind of architecture (screenshot below) and I need some tips/tricks to help get started. I am familiar with blender, so I will be able to create models in there if necessary.

Thank you!

  • screenshot is not my work, simply a concept


That’s extremely good, I loovvvve it.

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Looks like I didn’t clarify!

The build featured in that screenshot isn’t mine. I am looking for some tips/tricks to help me achieve a final product that looks as magnificent as that.


Well, I guess I’m looking for the same help as you then. :sweat_smile:

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Can we see what you have so far? (if you have anything)

maybe add some wall trims and change the color in between them like in the other picture, also the lighting looks a bit weird but I think it’s just me, lol.

This is just my thing but-
If you’re going underground , make the lights worth it.

Because there’s no sunlight you have infinite lighting options,
take advantage of that.


Jeez that actually looks amazing.

I like it, could maybe make flickering lights or something.

Extremalic Great! Gj! Maybe some more assets there?:))


That style of building looks both nice, and is relatively easy to do.

I don’t know about any tips or tricks that could help you make the building, but when I make something the main priority is to stay as close to the reference image as possible.

Your recreation looks quite good already, but there are some discrepancies from the original image, like what @Sanderrsss said, or that the lights are oriented perpendicular to the hallway, not in line with it, the shelf having solid sides instead of cylindrical supports. small things like that.

So far looks as if you are doing quite well, so you know quite a bit about building.

Well the only suggestion I can give is to be consistent with the increment you use across the whole build. This makes editing and tweaking things much easier.

Good luck.



That is, by far, the most accurate SCP genre hallway I have witnessed. While most developers make SCP style hallways dimly lit and claustrophobic for atmospheric purposes, they usually miss the point. The space you put in the hallway really applies the authoritative tone the Foundation usually has (being the most powerful organisation in the world ofc).

In addition, the architecture works with the underground theme, with strong concrete supports etc.

Though there are some things I’ll like to add.

Possible Additions

If you read a lot of SCPs, you will eventually come across a pattern. This pattern is usually defined by the contest the SCP Wiki provides for authors to input their own SCPs. For example, the Doomsday Content for the 3000s entries and the Mystery Contest for the 5000s. However, in a lot of SCPs now-a-days, groups of interest (GoIs) such as the Chaos Insurgency and the Church of the Broken God (or even all of the GoIs in SCP-5555) are a major part of the SCP entry for interest purposes.

Of course, the Foundation’s main missions are to secure contain protect, but with many things, it is not as simple as that.

So, I would definitely try to include more security measures such as automated turrets and cameras or even augmented humans. The Foundation gets raided a lot so these measured would be standard expectations for any Foundation facility. Not to mention the containment breaches.

Anyway, this was an amazing build in general. Keep up the great work.


Thank you for your response!

Yes, I agree. Most Foundation sites I see on ROBLOX use way too much concrete, or the tone is too simple. As the largest and most powerful government - funding organization in the world, I think they would be able to create something that is more than just complete concrete.