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SCPF (|) Info - Licensing - Disclaimer Updated: 24/07/20

Note: Do not claim the Group logo is yours and that you’ve made it. You are not AUTHORIZED to sell the logo under no circumstances unless permission from the original author:@Wh7sk.





To get contact with the SCPF about any inquires you can contact by:


This thread will be containing the information, licensing, and disclaimer towards the SCPF group owned by @Wh7sk.

  • Any reference towards the SCPF or Main group is direct to the SCPF (|) which can be located here: Group.

  • Any assets from the SCPF such as shirts, pants, game passes or services are produced from the SCPF strictly. Assets from the SCPF are not permitted to be reproduced such as the following “copied”, stolen, or exact replica. Unless from the permission from the Developers itself and within SCPF, you are authorized.

  • Any assets from SCPF that are outside within the SCPF contact the developers under Users.

  • All the SCPF logos and SCPF Department Logos are redesigns from the original creators of the logo. The redesigns are made from @Wh7sk

  • Using any form of assets from the SCPF will result into a punishment, which is permanent blacklisted with no appeal as we are taking intellectual property as a serious matter.


  • The SCP Property is the intellectual property to their original authors.

  • SCPF, SCP Property is under CC-BY-SA-3.0, Creative Commons (Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0) as it is “copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format”.

  • SCP Property original authors will be always credited.

  • If any form of assets you believe that is not credit or is stolen, please contact the Groups or the developers in Users.


Any form assets that are made or used in the group were made by Users.

  • Group Logos
    • Main group logo
    • Department logo(s)
  • Graphics design
  • Scripting
  • Building


Groups/Users under here are PERMANENTLY blacklisted from SCPF for using stolen assets, without the permission from the original author.

(Not Finshed/Finalized)

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