SCPF || June Site Director Elections




It is time for the community to appoint a new Elected Site Director for the upcoming month.

Please read the speeches below written by each of the applying candidates so that you may vote for the best one. All speeches will remain anonymous until after the election ends.

Speech A

From the first time I applied for this group, I knew it was going to make something great of itself: a place where people could make something of themselves, find friends, and have fun. I’m ecstatic to see that this foundation has grown to that point and then some. We’ve become the most popular SCPF group on Roblox! I never expected though, that I’d be where I am today. When I joined, I wasn’t that liked, I wasn’t very good at my job (at first, luckily), and I certainly didn’t see myself getting to this place. I see now that I can try my hardest to better this group, to create new things and improve what we have. Even if I do not win this election, I will still do my best to serve the people of the Foundation with my head held high and a smile on my face.

Speech B

Greetings, personnel.

This group has made it so far, we’ve become the largest SCPF on Roblox. Each and everyday, our community grows better and stronger. However, there are some problems that I’ve noticed, and problems that most of you have also probably noticed.

  • Outdated guidelines
  • Exploiters on site but nobody to deal with them
  • people violating the rules of the discord server yet nobody is able to ban them
  • not that many mealtimes on site.

I believe that if I were to be elected as SiD, I’d try and resolve some of these problems. I would try and have the supreme guidelines updated, get L4s the ability to ban, try and have events (such as raids) hosted at times that are fit for most of us, and more.

I would also try to be as active as possible, and deal with problems on site, such as exploiters, as quickly as possible. These tasks may seem difficult, but definitely not impossible. What I can promise you all, however, is that I would definitely try my best to accomplish these goals, and help everybody have a good time here if I were to be elected as SiD. Thank you all.

Speech C

To all fellow guests, personnel and staff:

My journey here truly began in mid-October. Since that month, I’ve hit a lot of ups and downs, but I’ve met many wonderful people and I’ve had an amazing time here. Although, my journey here isn’t over yet…

For the month of June, I plan to reach the Site Director position. I definitely do not want this position to stay in power or to be above you all, but I do strive for this position to help our community thrive in the best way possible.

We (as the community) can create new possibilities for the future of our group or ideas and implement them.
Just because our Foundation is currently successful already, that doesn’t mean that there can’t be changes for the better.

These changes can be for our departments to help them grow or changes to our guidelines that help personnel on-site. (I’ve noticed that they can cause a bit of an issue for new members.) Even the experience of CDs can be improved. These proposed changes are only the beginning of future plans.

Therefore, to whomever reads this, I ask that you help me achieve the goals that I’ve set in place for the SCPF.

Long live the Foundation.

Speech D

Greetings fellow Foundation Personnel.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to review my speech. My career within the Foundation began several months ago. Upon being accepted into the department I held great interest towards, I decided to dedicate my time to improving the department. While my time, both as Level 4 and below, has had it’s moments of tranquility, it has also had its hardships. I prefer to refer to mistakes as lessons with an expense. Mistakes have helped shape me into the person I now am. The Foundation is still juvenile, and its improvement has been all but mediocre. The Foundation is constantly improving, however, it is evident there is an area which needs to be improved, activity. A permanent surge in activity for all major departments is overdue. Should I be elected the new Site Director, I will work toward improving the Foundation wherever necessary. Ensure you make the right choice this election.

Thank you,
Secure. Contain. Protect.

Speech E

Hello everyone,

I would like to be your next site director. I would be make sure that everyone is treated fairly, whether you are a class D or a Level 4. I would encourge more mealtimes and take on board your suggestions. I would also try to engage with the community more. I would deal with exploiters and try to rid the Site of them. I would always listen to your concerns. I would like to get to know the community better. I have been at the SCPF for a while now and I would like to help you the community to enjoy our site more.

After you have read all the speeches, please vote for the best one at our applications center.

Overseer Council
Special Containment Procedures Foundation


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