SCPF Library with a unique touch

Recently I attempted to construct a library for my SCPF role play game. Typically, SCPF games don’t have libraries, and even if they do, they usually simple and bland.

I tried going for a unique little touch. Combining a bit of a more civil and traditional style library, which would be sitting right inside a modern industrial facility. I feel like it would be much more dynamic and interesting.

Here are some images


Really clean and detailed for a library, perhaps place some chairs/tables for the Player to sit on?

Really amazing library but a few things that would make it better is more distinct books and more detail on the floor and they look quite boring.

Alr how do u guys build like that? do u guys use a plugin well i already have F3X but i am curious which plugins or something u use to make the build look so good?

This looks very good! I like the style and colors! You should add some tables and chairs inside so it’s more filled up. Nice job on this!

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