SCPF || May Site Director Elections


It is time for the community to appoint a new Elected Site Director for the upcoming month.

Please read the speeches below written by each of the three candidates so that you may vote for the best one. All speeches will remain anonymous until after the election ends.

Speech A

Ever since I first joined this foundation, I knew that I’d stick around for a quite some time, I’m happy to say I was right. Because I’ve seen this group grow more than I was ever able to imagine. Together we’ve managed to accomplish so much it’s still hard to believe sometimes. I wish to give something back to you all, hopefully as Site Director. I won’t lie to you all, I find it hard to find anything we can improve on that will impact the group greatly, and it won’t be easy to improve the group, but I’ll be damned if I won’t give it my all. I can see that CI raids don’t always end smoothly, and that there is still some confusion regarding certain guidelines and rules within departments. I wish to change this all and I hope I do a good job at it.

Speech B

Hello Everyone, I am writing a speech for the elections of Site Director,

I have been at the SCPF for 8 months. In that time I have been a CD, L-0/1/2, I joined in September and I never thought I would ever to get to this point. You should vote me for SiD because I promise I will:

  • Listen to your concerns.
  • Talk to you about any issues.
  • Take your suggestions into discussion.
  • Attempt to rid the site of exploiters.

I would like to be a Site Director to be forthcoming with the community and get to know you, the community, better.

Speech C

Wow, what a month it has been! We have a new O5, O5-9 who is currently overseeing ScD. I have been able to watch this foundation grow so much since I joined in August last year. I started working my way up the ranks, Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and now Level 4. I have been in scientific for a long time. I have used it to push my way up, and yes it can be hard. Even if you don’t make it carry on working, and as SiD I can be there to help. I can give you advice to work your way up in the foundation. It was at around 20K when I joined, maybe even more. We are now at over 50K! If I get chosen for SiD, I can promise these things. 1) A lot more mealtimes for Class D’s! 2) More raids, so SD and MTF get to work together combatively. And last but not least. 3) An active site and active departments. I see that sometimes Class D is just waiting on to be tested, I am going to work really hard over the next month if I get SiD. And I will promise it will and can get better. Any issues you have, whether they be with being banned, kicked or just have a question, I would be here to help. I can assure that any issues you have will be sorted within 24 hours.

Speech D

Hello, fellow personnel. Today I have decided to run for SiD of this foundation.

I would like to start off this speech by explaining how I’d use this position to the advantage of the people within this massive group. First off, I promise that with your vote, you are taking us one step closer to a leader who promises to work with the people, a leader who will listen to anyone who needs help, and a leader who will remain honest, vigilant, and caring even in the face of hardship. Secondly, with me as SiD, your opinion will matter. If you have any suggestions or problems that you desperately need help with, I’m the person you can turn to.

We all know that there are issues in SCPF that must be dealt with, and we also know that sometimes, it is not solved as effectively as it should be. Well with your vote, you’d be able to voice your opinion not only through yourself, but through me.

To conclude, voting for me is a vote for someone who listens, someone who cares about you, someone who will let your thoughts be heard (who knows, maybe you have the solution to the biggest problems that we encounter,) and someone will never let you down.

After you have read the four speeches, please vote for the best one at our applications center.

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