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The MTF, or Mobile Task Forces, are elite squadrons of personnel who operate in close conjunction with each other to accomplish a specialized goal. Depending on the task force, the MTF’s job within the Foundation can vary between guarding high profile PoIs to highly risky special operations. No matter what the goal, it is done with the utmost of proficiency and professionalism by only the most elite personnel. In order to join, one must show exceptional skill in teamwork and combat skills, as well as the ability to learn the necessary specialty of each task force; whether that be guarding or SCP re-containment.


Rank Details
Rank Name Description
Operative An Operative is a member of any given Task Force.
Task Force Sergeant A Sergeant is basically a assistant of their Task Force Leadert, can host trainings to THEIR task force.
Task Force Leader A leader is head of a Task Force. Can host tryouts for Awaiting Assignment MTF to join THEIR task force.
Assistant Director The Deputy Director is responsible for MTF wide trainings, special assignments, and picking Lieutenants.
Director The Director is responsible for MTF wide trainings, special assignments, and picking Lieutenants.
Overseer (O5-4) The Overseer is responsible for MTF tryouts and overall MTF progress.
Task Force Details
Task Force Name Description
Alpha - 1 Cap 10 Alpha - 1 is tasked with guarding Command Personnel.
Beta - 7 Cap 10 Mobile Task Force Beta-7 specializes in the acquisition and containment of anomalies exhibiting extreme biological, chemical, or radiological hazards.
Epsilon - 11 Cap 15 Epsilon - 11 is responsible for containment of SCPs, and recontainment when containment fails.
Nu - 7 Cap 15 Nu-7 is a combat task force, they focus on combat. Protecting the foundation in raids and huge riots.
Iota - 10 Cap 5 Mobile Task Force Iota-10 is a redacted taskforce. Information is classified.


Recontainment Order:

E-11 > B-7 > A-1 > Awaiting Assignment > Nu-7 > Iota-10


Patrol Logs

Patrol logs are to be submitted after every time you patrol the facility. They are to be submitted via the #patrol_logs channel in the MTF Discord. Reminder a log must be 10 minutes or longer to count towards your activity requirement. The format can be found below. Copy this exactly, including all ‘*’. They are meant to be there.

Time start:
Time end:
Total time:
Weekly time: Resets on Monday!
Evidence: Name witnesses or put a screenshot here.

Excused Absence

If you are going away for a set period of time, or need some time off, you can request an excused absence. For example, if you’re going on vacation or need some time for school. You can only request up to two weeks off every month so don’t waste them. We will realize if you’re faking them. You shouldn’t be using all two weeks every month. Copy this exactly, including all ‘*’. They are meant to be there.

Start date:
End date:
Total amount of days:

General Rules
  1. The members in the group may not exceed 50, not including O5-1 and O5-X.
  2. Mobile Task Force members must maintain maturity while on-duty at all times.
  3. Mobile Task Force members must always use grammar while on-duty.
  4. Mobile Task Force members must always practice respect.
  5. Mobile Task Force members must always refer to each other by rank. (i.e. “Operative”)
  6. Mobile Task Force members are required to have Discord.
  7. Mobile Task Force members shall not brag.
  8. Mobile Task Force members get three strikes. Every rule broken is a strike. Three strikes, you’re out. If you leave and rejoin, your strikes will not reset. If you get three strikes, get fired, and rejoin, your strikes will be back at zero. Get back to three strikes again, and it’s a blacklist from the Department.
  9. If all members in a server are of the same rank then the chain of command depends on the task force. The command is as follows: A-1, E-11, B-7, La-5 (On breach, E-11 commands)
  10. Mobile Task Force members do not ask for promotions.
  11. Mobile Task Force members are to always speak in all CAPS LOCK while on-duty in-game.
  12. Mobile Task Force members always answer questions with “YES, SIR.”, “NO, SIR.” or “UNSURE, SIR.” Replace “Sir” with “Ma’am” when appropriate.
  13. Mobile Task Force members never use acronyms such as AFK, BRB, LOL, etc. while on-duty.
  14. Mobile Task Force Operatives must complete one training per month. Failing to do this will result in an activity strike. (Does not apply to Task Force Leader and above.)
    Mobile Task Force Operatives who wish to swap Task Force may do so by attending a tryout for said Task Force. Mobile Task Force Operatives may not attend tryouts for the Task Force they are already in.
Alpha-1 Rules
  1. Alpha - 1 members must refer to the person they are guarding as a ‘PoI’ when on-duty.
  2. Alpha - 1 members must search rooms with possible danger before allowing the PoI they are guarding to enter. (i.e., CDC, S-III, S-IV)
  3. If there is nobody to guard, Alpha - 1 members are to patrol the facility. They may not guard the CDC.
    3.1 This rule can be disregarded if there is no other combative personnel online.
  4. Alpha - 1 members may only guard Level 4+ personnel. Priority goes from top to bottom.
  5. Alpha - 1 members are only to guard O5-1 if there is no RRT.
  6. Alpha - 1 members must not speak when guarding their PoI unless telling someone to back up (i.e. “BACK UP.”) or when alerting the PoI of danger (i.e. “YOU ARE IN DANGER. COME WITH US.”).
  7. Alpha - 1 members are to open doors for their PoI if possible.
  8. Depending on how many Alpha - 1 operatives are guarding a singular target, use the following Formation guide:
    8.1 [1 GUARD] - Stand back or in front(if in danger area i.e. CDC) on PoI
    If the PoI turns, turn with them. Make sure your turns are smooth and precise, matching the PoI’s.
    8.2 [2 GUARDs] - Wedge on PoI
    When in position, do not turn unless the PoI walks away.
    8.3 [3 GUARDs] - Arrowhead on PoI
    When in position, do not turn unless the PoI walks away.
    8.4 [4 GUARDs] - Box on PoI
    When in position, do not turn unless the PoI walks away.
  9. Consult the following Walking guide to use with the previous Formations guide:
    9.1 [WALKING] - Small Distance (across a room)
    Adjust your formation accordingly unless the PoI tells you to hold your position.
    9.2 [WALKING] - Long Distance
    Move in a SFL. Do not cut unless absolutely necessary. Sprint using your gun if you fall behind. The first person in the SFL is to rush ahead and open doors, and then fall to the back of the line.
  10. If at any time your PoI comes under gunfire, take out your riot shield and zoom in. Snap your mouse to wherever the shooter is and move with your PoI as they retreat.
    10.1 Upon your PoI exiting the room, block the door with your shield and wait till it closes, and then engage the shooter.
  11. If anyone touches the PoI, kill them immediately, this only applies when the PoI is an O5 council member.
  12. Alpha - 1 members are to take their PoI to the Armory if they feel they are unsafe. Can be replaced with BS if armory is unsecure.
  13. No one PoI should have above four guards, unless deemed okay by the Overseer of MTF, or the PoI is O5-X or O5-1.
  14. If a PoI changes the direction they’re facing temporarily then the Alpha - 1 should not turn with them. For example, if your PoI turns to talk to someone, don’t adjust the formation. Just stay there.
  15. When you first approach a Level - 4+, ask them “WOULD YOU LIKE PROTECTION?” If the person is SiD+, then ask “STUD RADIUS?”. If someone then comes within the stud radius, say “BACK UP”, wait 5 seconds, and if they don’t move, terminate.
Elipson-11 Rules
  1. Epsilon-11 members may not brief Class D personnel unless no SD is online.
  2. Epsilon-11 members can guard the CDC.
  3. During a test in which Epsilon-11 is attending, they have complete control over the test. If they feel it is unsafe or is risking a breach, they have the right to shut it down.
    They may not command the Intelligence Agency.
    They may not command the O5 Council.
  4. During breaches, Epsilon-11 personnel are to follow the breach protocol. (go to armory, then begin containment upon lockdown)

Commands for HR+ (TFL may do to their task force)

[EX] (person(s))- Execute.
[W]- Wedge on the person who called the command, unless specified otherwise. The HIghest rank in front, left shoulder is the highest. Always wedge on the left shoulder if there is nobody else.
[E] (weapon)- Equip the weapon specified
[UEQ]- Unequip whatever you had equipped
[B]- Form a box around whoever called the command
[FO]- Forwards
[BA]- backward
[WL]- Wall in front of the person who called it
[DW]- Defensive wall, with the primary weapon equipped
[G] (person)- Guard the person specified

Commands for TFL+ (TFS may do for their task force)

[STS]- Shoulder to Shoulder in front of the person who called the command
[SFL]- Single Fine Line behind the person who called the command



O5-X – Torren_Mr

The Administrator – JackoKorbius


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