SCPF || November 2019 Site Director Elections


It is time for the community to appoint a new Elected Site Director.

Please read the speeches below written by each of the applying candidates so that you may vote for the best one. All speeches will remain anonymous until after the election ends. Speeches are presented exactly as they were provided, without any modifications.

Speech A


I cannot express how excited and grateful I am to have this opportunity to run for Elected Site Director. From the time that I originally joined the Foundation a few years back, never would I have imagined that I’d be running for the position as Elected Site Director. If someone told me that I’d have the opportunity to be a candidate for Site Director in the exact same Foundation, in no way would I believe them.

From what I have observed over the time that I’ve been here, I can certainly say that the Site Director has many responsibilities, such as, but not limited to the community’s well-being, growth, and ensuring that all members of the Foundation enjoy their experience. I do not expect this new duty to be easy; in fact, it will be quite difficult. However, I am completely capable of the position as Site Director.

There are several issues within the Foundation, and now I will address them along with my step-by-step solutions to these problems.

Right now, suggestions are being processed through Nolt, a public board that the entire community can view. I do believe this is an excellent idea, and there are certainly some valuable and good suggestions that members devise. However, these good suggestions are not always acknowledged when they could dramatically improve the Foundation. Therefore, my plan as Elected Site Director is to communicate with the community and work with it to compromise with their proposals. My method of doing this is quite simple. While I cannot promise that I will see and comment on every suggestion, I will keep an eye on Nolt and comment on suggestions with my personal thoughts and then attempt a compromise with the authors if necessary. By actively participating in the community’s suggestions, this will, in the long run, help create new duties and change the Foundation for the better in favor of the community.

An Elected Site Director must be an excellent and able mediator and listening who is willing to fix issues that aries. When anyone in the community has a problem, the Elected Site Director should be the one to handle it. In the beginning of my term, I will release a form where every member of the community has the opportunity to report any problems — whether it be a departmental issue or conflict with another member or existing regulation — that they have encountered within the Foundation. If it is of utmost urgency, then my direct messages will also provide as a quicker form of communication. By this, I will be able to locate and fix any lingering issues within the Foundation.

We cannot forget that the Elected Site Director is the head of the Foundation’s High Command, and this body is remarkably paramount to the function of the Foundation. As the leader of the High Command, I believe it is crucial that the Elected Site Director is on the same page with each member of the body. I will host individual appointments with each member of the High Command in order to assess their thoughts and problems that they have been experiencing in the Foundation and their departments in order to understand how to improve the Foundation and each individual department. It is imperative that the Elected Site Director is constantly on the same page with the Foundation’s High Command.

Last but not least, I believe that Class D, while a largely unrepresented majority, are crucial to the Foundation. My plan is straightforward: I will engage Class D on Area-14 through questionings to hopefully gain some insight on how to improve their experience on-site. I will also keep an eye on Nolt for suggestions pertaining to the Class D experience.

In fairness, I believe that these are reasonable, practical, and achievable goals and promises for a Site Director term. Of course, however, my agenda may change and adapt to the community’s needs and wishes over the course of my term.
Keep in mind that, whoever you choose as the next Elected Site Director, will be the reflection of your vote and how the Foundation will change. Anyone can change the future of the Foundation with one vote. It is up to you — the Foundation — to decide which candidate to vote for.

Thank you, and have a great rest of your day, evening, or night!

Speech B

Hello to all those who are back again, and reading the newest Elected Site Director speeches! If you’re reading these speeches, you care about this group, and the progress of it. If you didn’t care about this group, you wouldn’t be here, so to start, I’d like to thank you for spending your precious time and taking a step to further better this group. Having you vote for me as the newest Elected Site Director, means more to me then the position I might receive, it’s that you share the common issues this foundation has, and believe in what I propose so that we as a community can improve this wonderful group.

○ With any speech, I can not cover all the issues each member has, however if elected, I can promise that I will actively review and comment on the foundations suggestion website, one of this groups newest additions. In addition, my direct messages will always be open on all platforms this group operates on. Ready to conversate with you, and discuss your valuable ideas and thoughts. I value suggestions, and will keep track of these members, who have spent time to speak to me, and will keep them updated on what they propose. It is so important to me, that I can get hear the voices of this foundation, so that I am able to improve this group with not just my own thoughts and opinions, but with all of yours too.
○ Events. They’re a huge part of this group, and range from eve riots, to raids to tests. This community is based off these events, and I can understand that sometimes they get boring, and repetitive. By myself, I cannot solve this issue, and will require the effort of this entire group, however I want to begin with expanding some events, and those who are involved with them. I’d also like to utilise features that are already in the game, that can be used to change gameplay, and give a more immersive experience while on site. A more exciting one I would say. Just imagine, and maybe it can happen with enough support.

If you’re still reading this, and have made it this far, you are interested in this groups further improvement. I know that this group is important to you, and you enjoy being apart of its community. I too share these same values, and hope to only improve this group that we have all dedicated so much time to. I hope you agree with what I’ve said throughout this speech, and share the common points that have been expressed above as to what I’d like to do if I am voted as the newest Elected Site Director.

Thank you for taking the first steps of improving this group, and reading not just my speech, but all those who are running for Elected Site Director!

Speech C


I am humbled to have been given the opportunity to participate in this terms Site Director elections, an important opportunity that can define the path that this Foundation will follow for the foreseeable future. I am certain that many of us can agree that the position of a Site Director is critical for the ecosystem of our Foundation, and ultimately for our community; due to its nature, it is a position that is not entitled to anyone, but a position rewarded by the community - these elections are not about us, but about you; and I cannot emphasize how significant that is for our organization.

If I were to be elected for this terms Site Director elections, I will devote myself to enacting the following, which is to be considered as my definitive agenda for the duration of my term; an agenda that I will persist for by utilizing every resource at my disposal to overcome all obstacles as to satisfy our community, but most importantly, to develop this Foundation beyond any predicted limits.

  • Analyse the ecosystem regarding information distribution so that the reflectiveness of updated content is more streamlined and thus, prevents any congestion of conflicting guidelines or policies between departments or administrative bodies; ultimately ensuring coherent operations at the facility.

  • Enhance departmental coordination to enable the possibility of joint-departmental operations and qualities, this is to strengthen departmental relationships and dependence one another to allow a larger array of duties and possibilities, of which are clearly lacking and maybe a potential solution for some inactivity.

    • The Scientific and Medical department is to combine their specializations so to allow more diverse opportunities when conducting their individual departmental operations.
  • Implement clearance-based operations, meaning that individuals of mere clearance alone without departmental affiliation still have some responsibility, all members should be given an equal opportunity to contribute.

    • Operations may stem from janitorial to logistical, in coordination with departmental members, such as being a Scientific or Medical assistant.
  • Readjustment of the balance of specialization between departments, to establish a clear distinction of the nature of tasks and operations being conducted in one department over another; this is so that neither department can deem the other obsolete and therefore ensure a fairer jurisdiction of operations.

But put my agenda aside, and as an individual, I believe that I possess the qualities and ultimately the capability to ensure that there is some considerate progress at the very least. I am persistent, resilient and realistic with my approach towards solving any problem, finding the most suitable solution to serve both our community’s needs and wants.

I hope that for whoever you elect for this term’s Site Director elections, that they make their personal qualities apparent and not be judged by their agenda alone; because more often than not, it is one thing to recognize the problems, it is another to act upon and solve them. Please remember that these elections are about who you want to ultimately represent this Foundation, so it is important to vote for a candidate that you believe in as an individual.

Thank you for your consideration.

-Anonymous Candidate.

After you have read all the speeches, please vote for the best one at our temporary voting center.

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