SCPF || October Site Director Elections


It is time for the community to appoint a new Elected Site Director.

Please read the speeches below written by each of the applying candidates so that you may vote for the best one. All speeches will remain anonymous until after the election ends. Speeches are presented exactly as they were provided, without any modifications.

Speech A

Greeting Personnel,

The day that I started working for this Foundation it has been a great experience. Our Foundation has grown so much from the first day I started working here. The Foundation has never been stopped by anything, we are be able to work through everything that has got in our way. We did not get past those rough patches easily. We got past them because we had great leaders, leading us through them. That is why I want to be your Elected Site Director. With our Foundation growing with great numbers we are bound to have rough patches in the future. I want to be there to help the Foundation work through them and conquer them. Other reasons that I want to be your Elected Site Director are:

  • I want every department to become closer with each other. Departments seem to usually have high tensions even though we all work very closely together everyday.

  • To help improve Scientific Department/Medical Departments’s quantity of escorts that happen everyday.

  • To listen to everyone’s concerns no matter how important they are.

  • To help decrease wrongful acts against Class-Ds.

To conclude, if you elect me as the Elected Site Director I will do everything within my power to get everything that I listed above improved. Not only will I only focus on these but I will focus making this Foundation a greater place as a whole.

Thank you,
Secure. Contain. Protect.

Speech B

Well another enjoyable two months or so have passed since the last elections for Site Director. Over that time some old issues have remained and new ones have appeared. These issues I plan on fixing during my time as Elected Site Director, that is if you elect me as your next Director. Some of these issues are larger or more serious than others and I’ll try to cover some of them briefly during this speech. To start here is a quick summary of what issues I plan on solving;

  • Activity: Lack of incentive to be on site and too many interruptions
  • Outdated supreme/departmental guidelines: Guidelines require updating, hindering group function and productivity

Activity, it still remains as a recurring issue within this group. An issue that I hope to resolve if you were to elect me. Area-14 activity has been subpar at best, but I can understand lots of you currently have school or other important real life matters to attend to. With this in mind what I believe to be the main cause behind the lack of activity is the incentive to go on site. There is not much to do on Area-14 at the moment, sure there are new riot commands and raids are starting to become a thing again. But these are things that tend to interrupt daily activities while on site, such as checkups and tests. To solve that issue of there being too many interruptions and a lack of incentive to go on site, we could host events or put in place more regulations to limit the quantity of these random riots and future raids so the Scientific and Medical departments can get their work done.

The guidelines have rarely been updated to accommodate the newest site changes and departmental changes. If elected I will update the guidelines with the relevant and required information so newer members may feel more confident in their applications and decisions while onsite. This should prevent any situations where a member of security and member of the Scientific or Medical Department get confused or in an argument over how many Class Ds they’re allowed for a test. This would hopefully improve overall communication and cooperation between departments, therefore making everything run more smoothly, which may simultaneously increase activity. Any major changes to departmental guidelines should also be announced to other departmental heads if their departments are affected by that change.

If I am to be elected as your future Site Director, I will do my very best to solve these issues and any other future issues that rear their ugly heads during my time. I will not disappoint you as a Site Director, and I hope that we can improve this Foundation together as a group.

Speech C


I have been around for a while now and I would like to lead you into a bitter future.
I promise to do my best and bring you joy. I also promise to end all exploiting, hacking and glitching and to ask the Community Engagement Staff to host at least one gamenight per month.


After you have read all the speeches, please vote for the best one at our applications center.

Overseer Council
Special Containment Procedures Foundation

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