-SCPF- Site 13 Basic Moderator Guide

This is an extremely simple version before a proper guide is made, if the need for a more complex one ever arises.

[[ SITE 13 ]]

  • Prefix is : .
  • Head Moderators are the following:
    • NodeCaesar (Lead + Senior)
    • chn04 (Assistant Lead)
  • Report any mod abuse to a Head Moderator. Only message the Administrative Officer if no other Head Moderator replies within 48 hours.
  • Senior Head Moderators have permission to use any and all commands within reason. Report abuse to the Administrative Officer.
  • Head Moderators have the collective authority to decide whether something is or isn’t abuse, regardless of what is posted in this document. Report abuse to the Lead Head Moderator.
  • No warnings are to be given for abuse unless it is extremely light.
  • The only punishments for mod abuse that Head Moderators may issue are a temporary or a permanent ban from the game.
  • Standard punishments (issued according to the severety of the offense) are as follows:
    • 1-day ban;
    • 3-day ban;
    • 1-week ban;
    • 2-week ban;
    • permanent ban.
Banned Commands

Usage of the following (as well as its aliases - for example, if :rnotify is banned, then so is :rn ) is almost always considered mod abuse: (note only ~53 out of 176 commands are banned - that’s around a third)

  • Any command involving all (e.g., :bring all ) or %team (e.g., ;bring %security )
  • :ambient
  • :bighead (only with target user’s permission)
  • :blind
  • :brightness
  • :char (only with target user’s permission)
  • :clone (less than 3 total clones at the same time in the same server is fine, use ;clr to clean)
  • :confuse
  • :creeper
  • :disco
  • :dog (only with target user’s permission)
  • :explode
  • :flash
  • :fogcolor
  • :fogend
  • :fogstart
  • :fov
  • :freaky
  • :freeze (using on rogues is fine)
  • :give (anyone, even yourself) all . You can give individual tools, but not all of them.
  • :glitch (only with target user’s permission)
  • :unglitch (only with target user’s permission)
  • :god to raid or kill
  • :h (unnecessarily). Only use for important messages.
  • ;:nfect
  • :kill (using on rogues is fine)
  • :lag (only with target user’s permission)
  • :link (one link at a time per server is fine)
  • :m (unnecessarily). Only use for VERY important messages.
  • :minihead (only with target user’s permission)
  • :music
  • :mute
  • :name (only with the target user’s permission)
  • :notify (unnecessarily). Only use for EXTREMELY important announcements.
  • :outdoorambient
  • :pitch
  • :punish
  • :randomizeteams
  • :removelimbs
  • :rocket (only with target user’s permission AND OUTSIDE)
  • :seizure (only with target user’s permission)
  • :setgrav (only with target user’s permission)
  • :shadowcolor
  • :size (only to make yourself SMALLER; sizes larger than 1 are banned)
  • :skydive (only with target user’s permission)
  • :smite
  • :startergive
  • :starterremove
  • :starttools
  • :stop
  • :team (teaming yourself is fine, teaming others is not)
  • :vibrate (only with target user’s permission)
  • :volume
  • Any command that grants some Admin privilege to others, such as :tempmod or :vip
  • The following is the basic moderation hierarchy, from lowest to highest:
    1. Moderator
    2. Head Moderator
    3. Senior (Head) Moderator
    4. Lead (Head) Moderator
    5. Administrative Officer
  • If you have any question, message a Head Moderator.
  • Site 13 is a roleplay site. Keep that in mind. It is bound to have abusers, and we only deal with mod abusers. We usually will not take action against abusers who do not have the moderator pass.
  • NodeCaesar
    Overseeing Foreman
    Level 5