SCPF || Site-17 Rules

SCPF || Site-17 Rules

Welcome to Site-17! Created and maintained under @b_earded’s SCP Foundation, Site-17 is a roleplay site in which players can play with friends, select various teams to play on, progress throughout the game, and more.

Below is a list of rules to be followed at all times while playing Site-17, as well as the punishment that corresponds to each violation.

Note that we will not refund any sort of purchase or time investment for any action taken based on rule breaking.

1. Follow Roblox ToS - The Roblox Terms of Service is to be followed at all times while playing Site-The rules on the Roblox ToS apply to all games, not just Site-17.
2. Follow Roblox Community Rules - The Roblox Community Rules are also to be followed at all times while playing Site-17 and any other game on the Roblox platform.
3. Do not exploit - Exploiting to any extent will result in a permanent ban. It does not matter how small or harmless the exploit was; we do not tolerate any of it whatsoever.
4. Respect other players - Be friendly and tolerant towards all other players regardless of orientation, race, religion, etc. Racism or hate speech is not permitted. Derogatory, racist, or bypassed speech will result in a month-long ban from the game for the first offense, and a permanent ban for a repeated offense.
5. Do not spawn-kill (SK) - Spawn-killing is defined as killing somebody within their spawn room (unless they’ve become hostile or returned there for cover). The “spawn room” for Chaos Insurgency members is defined as the hostile camp and the immediate surrounding trails. The punishment for SKing is a warning for the first offense and a one-day ban for any repeat offenses.
6. Do not advertise or perform transactions outside of Site-17 - The purchasing or trading of any item within Site-17 outside of the game is strictly forbidden, and is punishable with a permanent ban.
7. Respect moderators’ decisions - Any decision a moderator makes is final. Arguing with or harassing any moderator regarding a decision they made will result in harsher punishment if applicable. If you feel a punishment that you’ve been given is unjust, submit a ticket via the communications server.
8. Do not misuse the radio - This includes spamming the radio with multiple unrelated or incoherent messages. Continued violation of this rule after three warnings will result in a 6-hour ban for each offense.
9. Do not spam or abuse the report system - Misusing or spamming the report system will result in a ban, ranging from one week to a permanent one depending on the severity of the offense.
10. Do not impersonate a moderator, developer, or B_earded - Depending on your actions, multiple different punishments may be dealt ranging from warnings to bans.
11. Do not abuse the site announcements - Make sure all announcements are only for things applicable to the entire site. For smaller things, use the radio or talk to them individually. Continued violation of this rule after three warnings will result in an hour-long ban for each offense.
12. Do not glitch or abuse bugs - Glitching, or purposefully abusing unintentional features, is not permitted. The punishment for glitching or bug abusing is a warning, followed by bans for repeat offenses.
13. Abuse of in-game tools - Abusing your in-game tools (for example, cuffs) to hinder others’ experiences is prohibited. These tools should only be used for gameplay & roleplay purposes - not to annoy people. Violations of this rule will result in warnings, and bans for repeat offenses.
14. AFK grinding - Intentionally using methods to prevent yourself from being kicked(moving back and forth, etc) in order to gain idle XP & credits, or for missions, is prohibited. The punishment for AFK grinding is three warnings, and a 24-hour ban for future offenses.
15. Alt abusing - Using an alt account to farm credits, XP, or otherwise, on your main account.
16. Breaching SCPs (or intentionally interfering with their recontainment) is restricted to Class-Ds and Chaos Insurgents only. Intentionally breaching SCPs on any other team will result in a warning, and then an hour-long ban for repeat offenses.
17. Do not evade moderators’ punishments - If you evade punishment by leaving the game or rejoining on an alternate account, you will be punished depending on the severity of the violation (at least a 24-hour ban).
18. Do not camp closets - Camping closets refer to the act of (most of the time) foundation players intentionally waiting near or within the vicinity of storage closets connected to the CI vent system with the sole purpose of targeting hostile players immediately upon leaving or opening the closet. Players who pass-by closets are permitted to engage in combat with hostile players leaving the closet and/or if they see hostile players inside an open-door closet.

We ask that you report any rule breakers you see during your time playing Site-17

. If you choose to not report them you’re allowing that player to continue breaking the rules across servers which will tarnish the experience for others.

If you would like to report someone, record proof and send it to a trial moderator+ or use the report system in-game.

Enjoy your time playing Site-17!

- The Administrator @b_earded
- Technical Site Director @tigervaldos