SCPF || Site - 17 Update Notes

Site - 17 Update Notes

The following thread contains information regarding game updates for Site - 17, an informal roleplaying game developed by SCPF. This thread will be frequently updated with new posts and information as needed to convey the contents of and state of an update.

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Translation Update

Site - 17 now fully supports the following languages:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean

Localised list of supported languages:

  • 中文 (简体)
  • 中文 (繁體)
  • English
  • Français
  • Deutsche
  • 日本語
  • 한국어

Par exemple en français. For example in French.

Service Announcement - Site Command Game Pass

Quick note: the Control Room access game pass was rebranded as the Site Command expansion game pass. The perks are retained. Although we do not use “Site Command” in our group (we have Overwatch, High and Medium Commands only), the name was changed to better suit what you can get out of it. Hope that makes sense!



  • Global chat now exists. This can be used to chat with friends as well as the rest of the server without being in the same area and because some teams don’t have radio access.

  • Added a new chat command: /m [message]. This command can be used by moderators to highlight their messages in the chat. Use of the command will highlight the message in green as well as the chat colour. The command portion (/m) will not appear in the highlighted message.

Improvements & Changes

  • Turned on RespectFilteringEnabled for SoundService. Sound exploits should now happen less often unless it’s the result of using another exploit vector.

  • All P90s now use a 30-round magazine (from 31) as well as infinite ammo storage. The MTF P90 receives a 50-round magazine.

  • The Glock 17 now has infinite ammo storage.

  • Maximum zoom distance increased to 80 studs from 20.

  • Improved health regeneration removal.

  • Breach alarm volume lowered by 150%.

  • There is now a cooldown of 5 seconds between enabling the breach alarm (but not disabling). In addition, it now logs the user who activated the alarm to the global chat. It may clog the chat if an abuser appears, but now they’ll be easier to catch and deal with. This delay does not exist for the Site Director game pass and the Gui control panel, though the chat message still does.

  • Guis in a closed state no longer show across the topbar and are properly hidden.


  • Removed the E Class Personnel team.

  • Disabled the radio, pending complete removal.

  • Players no longer get +10 health for being in the group.

  • Removed references of Discord from the game.

  • Removed watermarking along the topbar.

  • Snow has been removed from the Class D Cells area. No guarantees it’ll come back in 3 months for the December holidays.


Improvements & Changes

  • You can no longer kill teammates and allies. Below the changelog will include a list of all teams and their updated killing permissions.

  • Updated the closed position of the shop. Hopefully it stops showing in the topbar again.

The following is a table of updated kill permissions. Direct team killing is disabled, as well as against a team’s allies. Allies are not mutual: for example, SD cannot kill MTF but MTF can kill SD.

Team Allies
Administrative Ethics, Intelligence
Chaos Insurgency D Class
D Class Chaos Insurgency
Ethics Committee All teams except Chaos
Foundation Personnel All teams except Chaos
Intelligence Administrative
Medical All teams except Chaos
Mobile Task Forces Administrative, Intelligence
Scientific All teams except Chaos
Security Administrative, Ethics, Intelligence, Medical, MTF, Scientific


Improvements & Changes

  • Chaos Insurgency team colour changed to prevent name obscurity in the chat.


  • Removed Foundation Personnel team. This only serves as an off-duty team for the main group places: everyone on the roleplay sites is encouraged to have some kind of active role.

  • Account age restriction (10 days) removed. As our roleplay sites are open to the community, we need to work on patching exploits rather than band-aid solutions which have not solved any of the current exploiting the game faces.



  • Small lamps are now scattered in the CI cave. Protip: press F to enable your P90’s flashlight as CI so you can see better. The lights are spread out and don’t give off much light.

Improvements & Changes

  • Turned on shadows for a light in the CDC causing a large gap of light in the CI tunnel as well as overflow of light into other rooms. CI cave no longer has a giant patch of light.

  • Outside red line material changed from Neon to SmoothPlastic. The shade of red is also dustier rather than a bright, pure red.

  • Red and green lines on the outside of the CDC (briefing area) no longer glow.

  • Intelligence Agency and Administrative Department players now get a free Level 3 card bundled with their purchase instead of a Level 2 card. Players must be on the team to use this card level.

  • Completely rescripted the control room buttons. Controls are now a single bar which can be activated and deactivated. The blackout and HCZ lockdown buttons have not been moved to the new code.[1]

  • Site Director Control Gui roughly works with the new control room buttons, however due to an unusual issue the Gui has been temporarily disabled from appearing for Site Directors.

  • Improvements for scripts to check your level of control (Head Moderator, Moderator, Site Director and Site Command).

  • Main menu music is now slower instead of a garbled mess.


  • P90 and Glock 17 no longer apply mass to your character which caused a physics problem while turning around with either weapon equipped.


  • Lockdown button now removed from the empty office. It did not hold a purpose and was not, unlike the other controls, rank locked to prevent (mis)use by players who did not purchase a site control game pass.

[1] For reference: the buttons will display the text READY or PLAYING to describe what it’s doing. A RED coloured button means it can be used, a ORANGE coloured button means it’s running but it can’t be stopped and a GREEN coloured button means its running and can be stopped. There is a 5 second cooldown after an ORANGE button finishes playing or between switching from RED and GREEN.

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Improvements & Changes

  • Medical Department tools can no longer be dropped

  • Handcuffs can no longer be dropped

  • Infected personnel can now be team killed (hopefully?)


  • Building Tools removed