[SCPF] Ways to get around a certain topic

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I am one of many developers of the “SCPF” Genre and I have sadly come across an issue with one of the anomalies known as SCPs within roblox.

There is an SCP known as “SCP-500” which is essentially a “drug” SCP that is to heal and restore all health and effects to you, and in rule 11 of roblox, you’re not allowed to present any type of drugs, alcohol, or anything of such. I want to stay on lore as best as I can, but due to this rule, I am unable to. I need assistance of such, like using a different model, or not having it in the game what-so-ever.


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In this case you would have to simplify the SCP. By this I mean that you will have to make it so it looks like a simple cartoon of a medicine. And since it is only used for healing and nothing else roblox should not have a problem with it.


Rather than using a bottle of pills or something, use a medic pack. Not hard to simply rebrand something like that.

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I too am a fan of the SCPF.
SCP-500 is essentially prescription medicine. Small mistakes could be made to break TOS, but if your careful enough it may be implemented fine.

It says “Illegal drugs or prescription drugs without a prescription;”
On the SCP Official Database, it is nowhere stated that it is a prescription or drug. Therefore, it can be considered regular medicine.


I think you could change it to a potion of some sort.

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I don’t think that’s strong enough evidence for moderation action not to be taken. The reason for this being so is because Roblox would most likely assume players don’t know if it’s illegal or not, due to the fact that in order to find out you would have to visit an off-site link, which breaks even more ToS rules.

You will most likely get moderated for this. In the ToS it specifically states that pills are not allowed, which is exactly what this is.

You could try changing this to a liquid, as there are no restrictions against that, but even that does not guarantee you being safe.

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I disagree, as it does not state that pills are not allowed.
As said before; it states “Illegal drugs or prescription drugs without a prescription;”.
SCP-500 is medicine, it is not a prescription nor is it illegal.

Please fully read Roblox’s Community Guidelines before responding with bold claims.

Pills, syringes, or other content representing drug paraphernalia or drug use are not permitted.

Under “Using Appropriate Content”

I see that I am in fact mistaken.

@Flamindy With the ‘Using Appropriate Content’ rules in mind, it is recommended to exclude SCP-500 from the game, or alter it in such a way that it is only a bottle of consumable medicine for example.

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Hello! We are also developing an SCP-esque game on Roblox.

To stay compliant with Roblox TOS and staying within a certain degree of accuracy with the SCP lore, we’ve replaced the pill shape for a cube. I would recommend that you do the same. :smile: