Scrabble-like type of game help

Hello there.

I need help with two questions, with the former being more important than the latter.

What thought process would you do to achieve a scrabble type of game? what would you do on the code? (this is an important question)
How could I disable the WASD keys on guiservice? (this one isn’t as important but it would make everything easier for me here)

What I’m trying to achieve is a game where there is absolutely no movement functionalities, you don’t have any use for wasd keys as these don’t come into play at any time. At most, these keys only make simple animations, but they’re not fundamental to the game.

The game works in a board game type of fashion, you’re given dices of random letters and you have to type in words with those dices, then combine those dices in horizontal lines with vertical lines to try and reach the most amount of points as possible.

Similar to this, but in an extended size, with teammates, and more than just 11 dices.

My problem is in the selection section. Whenever the player types in the letters, the player should be able to check and replace each specific letter to what they want to use (in case of mistypes). This is the part where I start to not understand how to accomplish this. I tried to make a selector with an image label but the image label can’t get to the position of the letters because the letters’ positions are affected by a UIListLayout, and as such it can’t be replicated directly. Not only does the selector not get into place, and knowing the fact that the selector would get a lot more complex once it would have to go upwards, I decided to use the selector from the guiservice because it already does everything I need it to do.

Making this selector script for each letter in a homemade fashion would be like reinventing the wheel, basically. The solution already exists, I just need to implement it in. The issue here is that it overrides the letters WASD for typing, so if the player gets any of those it can’t use them. The idea is to show them that they need to use the arrow keys and, more importantly, make the game completely playable from the keyboard with no need for mouse, because a lot of players use a trackpad instead of a mouse (been there before and I found more than one kid who had the same issue), so the idea is to make the mouse a convenience, not a must.

((I am mostly doing this because of how easy it should get to be, I am not a dedicated programmer, I’m a game designer who really needs a scripter, but I have no monetary funds to pay forward.))

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