Screen Bug in Roblox Studio/Game Testing Bug

Hello! So I have come across a strange bug… You see, whenever I playtest my game, Roblox Studio glitches out and only a portion of my screen is working… Please help! I have tried, restarting my game and my computer but nothing works. Also, if this is the wrong category to put this in, I am very sorry I am not sure where to put this.

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  • AstralApples

If you playtest this from the actual game client (Roblox Player), does this error still occur?

Wrong category, should probably go in “Engine Bugs”.

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Nope, this error does not occur when playing it on Roblox.

Hmm. I suggest you take it to the category “Engine Bugs” as Limited_Unique pointed out. The people there might have better suggestions.

Hope you figure out your issue!

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