Screen GUI's looking wrong

My game has a lot relating to screen GUI’s and therefore the composition, placement and position is significant. When I go onto my game, the screen GUI is okay, however on my other monitor, it’s different, messed up and looks both wrong and ugly. This is bad for my menu GUI when you load into the game. How do I make the screen GUI automatically adjust to the screen when you go onto a game? If this is not do-able then is there a way I can edit the game so that it looks better on different displays?

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This is probably because you position and size your guis with offset instead of scale, use scale instead.

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I’m quit new to GUI’s so I apologise if I sound stupid, but could you elaborate?

You know how whenever you position or size a gui in properties, there are four numbers?

The first number: The X scale
The second number: The X offset
The third number: The Y scale
The fourth number: The Y offset

The scale is different from the offset because the scale goes by percentage of the screen, and the offset goes by pixels.
Let’s say you enter 25 for the X offset, the gui you are positioning would move 25 pixels to the right.
This is completely different for the scale, if you would enter .25 for the X scale, your gui would move 25 percent of your screen to the right. If you would enter .5 for the X offset, it would move halfway down the screen, and if you enter 1, it would move all the way across the screen.
You should position and size your guis on scale instead of offset, that way if the screen gets smaller, the gui will also. As opposed to offset, where if you make your gui 100 studs wide, it would be the same width on all screens.

Okay thanks, I have started using the tool which allows you to change the size on the screen where the GUI is shown, but I’m guessing that uses offset instead. I’ll try using scale now, thanks.
This explains a lot.
But you also have to consider different sizes and aspect ratios of screens, phones, etc.

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Regarding this, how do I use scale? For me, in properties, all I see is ‘ScaleType’, do I have to set this to ‘Tile’, the reason I ask this is when I set it as tile, the offset goes off.

Okay, thanks, I’ll have a look now.

No no, just position and size your guis using the first and third number shown (which are the scale numbers) and not the second and fourth.

Using which one?

The Position property and the Size property. You should see four numbers for both of those.

Okay, I think I understand now, thanks.