ScreenGui not visible even if its enabled

I have a loading screen gui and it works fine when the game loads but i cant reenable it with a script or manual, i have checked that the script is using the gui in the playergui (it is using the correct gui) but even when enableling it maually it doesnt appear

this is how it should look:

this is how it looks currently:

If you’re making a loading screen, I suggest you use ReplicatedFirst and have it available before the majority of the game loads. (Customizing Loading Screens | Roblox Creator Documentation)

As for the the visibility, make sure all UI components inside the ScreenGui are visible, that ScreenGui’s DisplayOrder is high enough.

ik about ReplicatedFirst but i want to use this loading screen for universal loading and now just when the game loads in, and everything is visible cause it works the first time i enable it

sorry for late response, my internet broke down yesterday

i found the issue, i didnt realize that the back frame was made transparent after the first use of the loading screen

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