ScreenGui set a maximum size

I have a ScreenGui with a Frame and content inside that Frame.

It scales as it should. It looks great on mobile and tablets because it is large and easy to read.

The problem is it is too big on a desktop computer. The buttons are huge.

I can’t find any properties in either the ScreenGui or the Frame that allow me to stop it from scaling up too large.

I searched the forum and the web. Does anyone know if it is even possible to set a max size on a ScreenGui?

You can use UISizeConstraints to limit the size that UIs can get when setting their size based on scale.

Sounded good. I tried it, but anything I type in the X or Y makes the frame disappear.

I tried every range from 1 to .001 and they all make it disappear.

Also, I want it to fill the screen on mobile and tablets. I just want it smaller on desktops. It looks like this will make it smaller on all ven if I do manage to figure it out.

I kept playing and realized it is a pixel size that the UISizeContriant uses. That’s why a 1 makes the Frame disappear. It is making it 1 pixel in size.

I changed it to 1000 and it shows up now and works as I had hoped was possible.

Thank you, you are awesome!