Script Analysis Tool Page has Errors

The Script Analysis Tool’s page has a few things that need to be fixed.

Under the W007 Section for clarity the code section should be changed to

local part ="Partt", workspace) -- should be "Part"

This is because ** is not a valid way to describe what a string should be.
In the W010 Section the presence of the "…"s in the code section is something that needs to be fixed. As well as the spawn() line as it uses Hello surrounded by *s, when it should be “Hello”

On a less priority matter, under the W002 section in the code samples there are unneeded spaces in the print() functions. While it won’t cause an error. It drives me nuts.

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Also, W003 doesn’t have its own section.

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Thanks for catching these! I’ve updated these spots to be a little more clear and fix those formatting issues. Be sure to update this thread with any other issues you might find on that page.

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