Script auto saves cause long load time

Over the past week, I’ve encountered a persistent issue with a ‘team create’ place in Studio that has progressively taken longer to load. Initially, the place appears to load normally but then freezes, resulting in an indefinite delay before the place fully appears. This gradual increase in loading time has escalated to the point where it now takes upwards of 10 minutes to enter Studio.

I discovered that the cause of this issue seems to be an excessive number of script auto-saves. Despite not using Roblox’s default script editor, my ‘ScriptAutosaves’ folder contained over 1,500 auto-saved scripts. Once I manually deleted these auto-saves from the directory “C:\Users{username}\AppData\Local\Roblox\ScriptAutosaves,” the loading times for the place returned to normal.

Screenshot of the frozen studio taking 10+ minutes to load fully

A private message is associated with this bug report


This also happened with me yesterday. My studio kept crashing while saving and uploading images. Its not my PC issue because my PC is quite good.

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Yea seems like the engine is taking a while to read through all autosaves to make sure you don’t loose any unsaved code changes. So while trying to help you, the engine is accidentally hurting you at the same time lol.

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Thanks for the report! I filed a ticket in our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

@brinkokevin Are these 1,500 autosaves “legitimate”, as in did you encounter a crash, and then get a warning window next time you opened the place?
Once the script recovery warning is shown, it is up to the dev to delete the autosaves once they’ve determine they don’t need them.
Given the large number, and the fact that they seem to have been created in a short time, I’m thinking either you’re editing scripts and then crashing a lot, or more likely there’s a bug with the autosaving.

My studio doesn’t crash often, it only takes a long time to load the next time I start studio (10+ minutes), while without these autosaved scripts studio loads in <1sec. Here is what my script recovery looks like now after a few days. Also, I don’t use the built-in script editor. Cleaning these up is quite tedious since I would have to click X on each of them manually.

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Hi Brinkokevin,

The script recovery widget, along with the locking mode (the default mode of TeamCreate), will soon be phased out. We encourage everyone to switch to LiveScripting mode, which is set to become the default mode of TeamCreate in the near future. Once you switch to LiveScripting mode, the recovery widget becomes unnecessary, as every keystroke is synced to the cloud in real-time!

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I’m going to mark this issue as solved. If there are any devs who are encountering this, and switching to LiveScripting is not a viable solution for their case, please let us know.