Script autocompletion not working on game hierarchy


As seen here, “Dynamite” is not detected by script autocompletion, but its properties and child objects etc of Dynamite are recknogized.
We have 918 direct child instances in Workspace, which I assume is what causes script autocompletion to bork over and not show all results when typing.

This is not because of your 918 direct child instances in the Workspace(Even if you should lower it xD)

This happens even with 3 children sometimes. I never reported this glitch because I thought someone already did here. lol

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I’m not the builder(s) of the map. :frowning:

But it’s a very weird issue, and only autocompletion on workspace seems affected (in this case), IIRC.

It does this to me everywhere like in ReplicatedStorage. I think it is a script problem :stuck_out_tongue:

this usually happens when i copy and paste an object, rename it, and then try to use autocomplete to script it

This is interesting. I’ll add this to our bug list.