Script caused broken Viewport Frame?

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When the CardRandom RE is fired, the GUI pops up on the screen and the player can select only one card. The issue is that the model is looking SUPER weird in the Viewport Frame and not how it was originally before I added the RE to the script; hence, I believe my script to be the cause of this issue.

I also want it so that each time the RE is fired, the slots will each have a new card, randomized from the Cards folder in RS; the GUI comes onto the screen, the player selects one and the GUI is disabled. I was possibly considering making the GUI clone from RS each time the RE is fired, then when the card is selected, the cloned GUI is destroyed… but again, this has been an absolute pain to accomplish.

  1. What is the issue?

You can see a video of the issue here: on Vimeo
Basically, the rotation is acting strange; however, as I said before… this started happening after I added the RE function to the script.

  1. What solutions have you tried so far?

I’ve spent days trying to figure this out, rewriting the entire script (as you can see in the video, I’ve created multiple versions to test out different scenarios.

Workspace Screenshots:

Let me know if you need more information!


local function playSound()

-- Get the ItemDesc object from the parent of the script
local Info = script.Parent.ItemDesc

-- Loop through each slot in the grid
for i, slot in ipairs(script.Parent.Slots:GetChildren()) do
	-- Check if the slot is a Frame object
	if slot:IsA("Frame") then
		-- Add a MouseEnter event listener to the slot
			-- Get the first child of the ViewportFrame.Model and set the ItemName object in the Info variable to its Name property
			local firstChild = slot.ViewportFrame.Model:GetChildren()[1]
			Info.ItemName.Text = firstChild.Name
			Info.ItemDescription.Text = firstChild:FindFirstChild("Desc").Value

			-- Set the Visible property of the Info object to true
			Info.Visible = true

		-- Add a MouseLeave event listener to the slot
			-- Set the Visible property of the Info object to false
			Info.Visible = false
		--Define a function to equip a random card in the slot
		local function equipRandomCard()
		local cardsFolder = game.ReplicatedStorage.Cards
			local randomCard = cardsFolder:GetChildren()[math.random(1, #cardsFolder:GetChildren())]
			local clonedCard = randomCard:Clone()
			clonedCard.Parent = slot.ViewportFrame.Model
			script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Enabled = true

		-- Listen for the CardRandom remote event and equip a new random card when it is fired


local slotframe = script.Parent.Slots

local function update(specific)
	-- Get a reference to the Cards folder in ReplicatedStorage
	local cardsFolder = game.ReplicatedStorage.Cards

	-- Get a random child from the Cards folder
	local randomCard = cardsFolder:GetChildren()[math.random(1, #cardsFolder:GetChildren())]

	-- Clone the random card and set its parent to the ViewportFrame.Model property of the specific slot
	local clonedCard = randomCard:Clone()
	clonedCard.Parent = slotframe:FindFirstChild(specific).ViewportFrame.Model

	-- Disable and re-enable the RotateVis script under the specific slot's parent
	local rotateVis = slotframe:FindFirstChild(specific).RotateVis
	rotateVis.Disabled = true
	rotateVis.Disabled = false

	local slots = script.Parent.Slots
	--// glowing selection reset
	slots.Primary.ImageButton.Transparency =1
	slots.Secondary.ImageButton.Transparency = 1
	slots.Tertiary.ImageButton.Transparency = 1

local equipped = true
-- Loop through each slot in the grid
for i, slot in ipairs(script.Parent.Slots:GetChildren()) do
	-- Check if the slot is a Frame object
	if slot:IsA("Frame") then
		-- Add a MouseClick event listener to the slot
		slot.ImageButton.MouseButton1Click:Connect(function(player) --added player
			-- Get the first child of the ViewportFrame.Model and set the itemName variable to its Name property
			local itemModel = slot.ViewportFrame.Model:GetChildren()[1]
			local itemName = itemModel.Name

			-- Check if the slot has an item equipped
			if equipped == true then
				local event = game.ReplicatedStorage.InvEvents.PickUp
				local item = itemName
				local firstChild = itemModel
				local itemdescription = firstChild:FindFirstChild("Desc").Value
				event:FireServer(item, itemdescription)
				-- Set the Equipped value of the item to false and hide the item in the slot
				equipped = false
				slot.Visible = false

				-- Clear the model of the slot to remove the item from the slot

				-- Update the value in the settings for the slot
				if slot == slotframe.Primary then
					script.Parent.Settings.Primary.Value = ''
				elseif slot == slotframe.Secondary then
					script.Parent.Settings.Secondary.Value = ''
				elseif slot == slotframe.Tertiary then
					script.Parent.Settings.Tertiary.Value = ''

				-- Play a sound
				script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Enabled = false

Fixed the issue:

CardSelection RE fires = clone GUI into PlayerGui

After card is selected = destroy cloned GUI

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