Script collaboration broken and unable to be turned off

Ever since this morning, I have been unable to apply edits to any scripts in my game due to the fact that script collaboration seems to be stuck enabled - and on top of that it isn’t working properly. Script collaboration has been enabled for a few days now despite me having turned this off, but I haven’t had any serious issues until now. The output log gives me this error when attempting to close a script:

And a window pops up shortly after, displaying the file that failed:

In fact, I can’t even close this script window. Clicking the “Close” button re-opens the script in a new tab, and closing it again attempts to re-apply edits and re-opens the above window, in a continuous cycle.

I’ve attempted to turn this functionality off, but am unable to. Unless I’m messing with the wrong setting, the “Enable Collaborative Editing” property of game settings is disabled, yet this is still occurring.

I’ve tried cycling this option, and it did prompt me in red text below the option that I would need to restart studio for it to take effect, so I did. But after restarting, this is still happening and script collaboration is not disabled. The only way I can edit scripts right now is with Team Create off.


Hey The_Sink,
Thanks for reporting this issue. Currently we are in the process of rolling out script version history (a separate feature from script collaboration). This new feature allows for tracking your changes to a script over time. Unfortunately in its current iteration it does not support empty scripts ( we are looking into this now). You should be able to fix this issue by simply putting some content within your script.
If this does not seem to be the correct fix for your issue, or this is causing pain for your current workflows, please follow up in this thread.

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I should’ve clarified, but my script wasn’t empty. I had written a script to test an API endpoint and threw it in ServerScriptService, but upon closing the tab for the script, the error I mentioned popped up and the script failed to save. I haven’t been able to reproduce it since, but I’ll try to give more information if I do encounter the issue again.


Not my exact issue, but I noticed that Applying Edits even with collaboration turned off takes a lot longer now, where before it was practically instant it now takes 5-10 seconds.

Having the same issue, scripts are not saving or they’re failing and the script collaboration is off, since last night.

yeah this is EXTREMELY annoying for me, i find myself spamming to apply and now i have 2-3 scripts permanently applying edits