Script colour changed

so this is going on for a long time so once i reinstalled studio and my script colour changed to this as default

you can see how the parent colour is and its not only that its more, this is very annoying for me please help

I mean just an idea, but I am not sure if that’s your problem… Press Alt+S or just go on File and click studio settings. This is how defoult colours look like:

this is how it looks like for me

but somethings are messed up like this
and many more and if i reset them its the same

weird, you have so much more options than me. Btw which “Script Editor Color Preset” do you have equipped?

the script editor color preset is set to default

He probably has Script Editor Beta Features enabled.

This is currently a Beta feature.

You may disable it in the Beta Features menu in Studio.

oh my god, i really should get experienced with studio, thanks for the help