Script containing names of known script-viruses

Relatively short topic;

Will I get a warning from Roblox if I publish an asset containing a module which contains the names of known “virus” scripts, such as the string “virus”, “anti-virus” , “this is not a virus” etc.

Because I read that Roblox has started scanning through scripts .

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When content is flagged a “specialized” team will review the code.

I assume this means that any code that is flagged but realistically poses no harm will not get moderated.

but what if it’s flagged regardless of my script doing anything against terms of service?

however It only contains the names so surely it won’t be flagged?

Nothing will happen probably as it is stated the code is manually reviewed. If something does then you should make an appeal.

If you want to be extra sure, try contacting ROBLOX support for a guarantee on whether you can do this.

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I have heard though from others that their code has been flagged due to this change, and they even got banned even though they did nothing wrong.

Hopefully my account doesn’t get terminated for this…

Edit : @EpicMetatableMoment

I heard that even after appeals they were banned several more times and more issues arose.

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If that is the case then they should also appeal.

IIRC there is popular “anti-virus” plugins and scripts in the toolbox. I am of course referencing the NON MALICIOUS ONES that actually work. These usually have a gigantic database of strings that are blacklisted and are used to prevent you from getting your game “infected”

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