Script creates a part without a root?

So I was working on some virus simulation that simulates how viruses spread to cells, when I came across a warning in the output that was quite strange.


I am not able to make bug report topics, as I am a member, but I still wanted to report this bug, so I’ll just make a scripting support topic, here is the script.

Server script inside of a part:

local target = workspace.Cell
local clonedVirus

script.Parent.Position = target.Position
for i = 1,5 do
	clonedVirus = script.Parent:Clone()
	clonedVirus.Parent = workspace

Here is the game where you can experience the bug:

Video on how the bug happened:

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Message @Bug-Support and follow the guidelines to report a bug as a member.

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Where are the guidelines?

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Use these rules when contacting @Bug-Support.

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What would happen if I don’t abide by the guidelines? I’m just wondering.

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They won’t be able to fix the bug? They will probably just message you again after too, telling you to follow the rules.

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