Script Editor Acting Weird

Alright, so I’m currently working on a game of mine. While scripting, I think I pressed something to toggle these weird, white highlights that appear on each character in my code when I click on them.

It sounds confusing, so here’s a quick image:


(As you can see, the letter ‘e’ in TweenSize is highlighted in white.)

I must stress that I cannot cope with this setting; it’s way too complex for me. It also doesn’t work the same way as the regular cursor. Does anyone know how to disable this? Thank you so much in advance.


You are in Insert mode, press Insert on your keyboard.


You could try pressing the INS button. Next to backspace on my keyboard.


Oh, yes, the dreaded insert button! You don’t know how much trouble this caused me when I didn’t know about insert. I would spam my keyboard until it went away, and it usually took at least five minutes before I found the right key.


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