Script Editor Adds Quotation Mark

As depicted in this gif, when you initially press the double quotes once, it puts an ending one for you. All normal. Press delete to remove the ending double quote, then hit double quote again: it’ll add an extra double quote.

100% of the time, and I noticed it within the last week or two. I don’t believe my typing style has changed, so it’s most likely a recent bug


I also noticed something similar in strings. When your editing a string, it treats it like your editing regular code (automatic closing bracket, closing parentheses etc.)

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You can turn this off if you don’t like it.

File > Studio Settings > Script Editor > Auto Closing Brackets > Uncheck

File > Studio Settings > Script Editor > Auto Closing Quotes > Uncheck

Although, if you do something like this,


and auto-fill :Connect(), it will automatically make two brackets and put your cursor in-between them.

The auto closing quotes I feel never had this issue. I’ve always had them on, and feel I’m only recently running into this bug.

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I’ve been running into this as well. I’ve always had auto-closing quotes on.

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Hi everyone,

Fix is on the way! And yes you are right, we’ve made some change to simplify auto-closing logic. This will be addressed in next 1 or 2 release.

Thank you!


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