Script editor autocomplete is taking too long to autocomplete what I'm typing

The autocomplete in the script editor is taking too long to autocomplete what I’m typing
This usually happens when the script I’m editing in has a lot of lines of code but now its happening even when theres only like 200 lines
I will provide a video here


Hi @indieuns

We would require more information in order to find the root cause of this issue! Please follow this guide or the instructions from this thread and update your post accordingly!

Ping me after you’ve done it, thanks!

Though I am not indieum the one pinging you, I just wanted to say that I experienced this issue mainly on my low-end pc. After Roblox released the new script editor with the improvement to auto-complete, issues like this started to arise. When around 1k+ lines the auto-complete will just quit working, except for showing basics like the Luau libraries, but nothing written in scripts, when accessing Instances, or even data returned by Modules.

I don’t remember properly, but I think a staff once replied to me telling me that if auto-complete takes too long they automatically just don’t show anything. For the reason auto-complete barely does it jobs on large scripts. (I honestly feel that splitting code around many scripts like some people have told me to avoid this issue is not the best solution).

I know Roblox’s script editor it 10x more complex than notepad++ and the engine does stuff on the background probably, but it felt so weird seeing how notepad++ handles 10k+ lines of code with ease and no lag, while opening one of those large scripts on Roblox Studio was like taking a risk of crash.

I truly don’t know what can be done about it, but the old one was simpler and faster. While the new one is more accurate, offers better information, has more features, but the worst thing is the lag it causes.

I experienced this issue using a PC having Windows 10, 4 cores with a speed of 2.4ghz, and 8GB of ram. I don’t remember any of the other specs…

On my new pc, I experience a bit of latency when around 3k+ lines of code. (Is a big module which I plan on dividing because of this issue).

It’s not weird, Notepad++ doesn’t perform any Luau type inference.

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For what it’s worth - Autocomplete should (for the last several weeks) be entirely non-blocking with respect to the UI. If you have a script that you can reliably reproduce a delay in typing in the Script Editor then please send it in so we can debug it.

At the current moment I am not experiencing this issue mainly because I am not using the same “slow” pc. I can only say that I had a module containing 3k lines of code and then another script with 1k+ lines of code.

When typing on the 1k+ lines of code script, I would type things like:

local Utils = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.Modules.Utils) --> The module containing 3k lines of code that returned a table containing 14 other tables.

---> 1k+ lines after:
Utils. --> When typing the dot nothing would show up having 14 names to display, same with all the content inside those 14 tables, like if they were non-existent...

And as the original post mentioned, auto-complete would take terribly long to respond back to the point that I was faster at typing than auto-complete recommending me something.

It has been three months already that I switched to the new pc, meaning if Auto-Complete was made faster and more efficient during that time I wouldn’t be able to notice.

In short, I am not experiencing the issue myself now, but I did on my old pc.