Script Editor in Roblox Studio not moving to next line

Upon opening any script in the Script Editor for Roblox Studio, the lines were mushed together and it became very difficult to interpret anything, much less edit new scripts. The numbers on the left of the script editor that usually number each line became a jumbled mess of text. If one were to open a new script, the text cursor (black flashing line in text) wouldn’t appear and the script editor wouldn’t register the line until one would start to type, in addition to indents no longer being automatically inserted. Below are a few screenshots of the bug:

I do not know when the bug started occurring, however I first noticed it some time after the marketplace issue detected yesterday when I opened a new project; the bug continues today. The bug can be reproduced by opening any script in the Roblox Studio script editor.

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Is this still happening since latest update?

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Unfortunately, yes, it still occurs for me after the latest update.

After reinstalling multiple times, I am still unsure of the origin of this bug. It still persists.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to reproduce this issue. Could you provide some additional details (per How to post a Bug Report) or attach a sample place file?

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After checking my Roblox Studio client again, it seems that my issue has been fixed! :slight_smile:

I suppose it might have been a recent update to the script editor that solved my problem.

Thank you for taking the time to reply!

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