Script Editor incorrectly saves first letter typed

Working in Team Create with other collaborators editing code at the same time too often results in the first letter they type when making changes to a script being saved in the editor.

This causes a bug where a typo is committed to the code, yet the collaborator is still making their changes and nobody can play test because of this issue (attempting to make changes while someone else is editing causes an error MessageBox popup).

This bug occurs repeatedly in multi-user Team Create sessions, slowing down workflow efficiency because nobody can test when others are working.


We have the “EditorLiveScripting” property disabled and this issue occurs in this game:

Expected behavior

The first character a user types when making commits to a script should not be committed to source until they have left the editor.


Thank you for your report.

This is one of the issues Live Scripting is aiming to fix.

We’re planning to roll it out 100% in the next few weeks, and it should fix this problem for you.

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By the way, you can already turn on Live Scripting as described in the Live Scripting announcement and that should get rid of this issue right away.