Script Editor - New Foundation and First Features

I remember auto-indent having troubles with elseif blocks in some cases, has it been corrected?

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Love the improvements to the indentation system, much better !

But I accidentally closed studio again looking at the new settings cus of this popup, please get rid of it! Make 'Restart' window after changing settings smarter

This will make Coding Easier TY :slight_smile:

On the track of improving scripting Quality of life; another good idea is when you copy and paste blocks of code, the Block gets properly Tabbed within the code its pasted into?

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I noticed one day that the editor was highlighting “Unused Variables”. I loved it! Sadly it disappeared. Was it some sort of A/B testing, like it’s a feature coming soon?

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I get the same error when ever I do shift+enter, its annoying sometimes.


Would it be possible to make it so CFrame doesnt get highlighted when its a key?



Niceeeeee updateeeeeeee :clap: :roblox_light: good job roblox.

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Thank you for the feedback, we’re revamping syntax highlighting and this is a good suggestion!


The script editor needs better horizontal controls. I’m trying to select a part of a long line of code, but the script editor keeps snapping all the way over to the right making it really tricky to select what I want to select


The script editor should show suggestions of the first variable in OnServerEvent for RemoteEvents and RemoteFunctions.

RemoteEvent.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, var)
    player. <- here

Since the first value passed by RemoteEvents is always the player that fired it, its safe to assume that it will be a Player object.

These updates are really great! I have noticed the auto-complete showing up a lot more than it used to, and the auto-indenting is great.

Wow! How i lived without this feature?
Just look at my code for vip settings, it looks very readable :o

Only a little problem… Maybe better don’t show this whitespace, when it’s small?

Guys, use double click selecting, it’s my little lifehack.

This news is just awesome! I’m personally a huge fan of the whitespace indicators, and the refined auto-indent is a godsend!

Great job!

I dunno lol, not knowing if it’s me breaking stuff or Roblox or both of us is a crazy way to develop but this is cool so far, and I’d like to see all the other suggestions implemented as well as something like Alt+Shift+Arrow Keys to jump a block over or under another block regardless of block length if a block is selected. I also learned a lot from reading this thread.

When I press enter after an if statement, it auto-completes the end, but also un-collapses/unfolds all collapsed code underneath it.

local function doThis(variable) -- when I press enter here, the functions below it open up

local function doSomethingElse(anotherVariable)
    --code here

This gets annoying in scripts with lots of functions, if statements, etc. When I added a new function at the top of my script, all of the functions below it opened up, even though I had most of them closed.

Also, should I keep posting here or make bug reports? I sometimes find small bugs like this one and I’m not sure whether I should make bug reports or just reply here.

Please make a formal bug report. We watch these threads but a bug report provides a more detailed definition of the problem, which makes it easier to design a comprehensive solution. :smile:

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It shouldn’t be underlining that as a mismatch.


doesn’t make a differences.

something I wish that would come to the script editor, is external IDEs, correct me if I am wrong with the term usage there, but what I mean by this, is the abillity to use, say visual studio code, or visual studio for scripting in roblox.

before you start ranting at me that rojo already exists, the sole reason I do not want to use rojo is due to it’s complicated-ish setup for me, I’ve never got it working at all, and there is no in detail guide on how to set it up.

edit, one problem I’m experiencing is this,
whenever I create a function within another function, the end tag moves one tab forward from where it’s supposed to be.

Excellent. Now I am able to scavenge my errors easier and quicker thanks to this update.

I’m gonna spend most of today (maybe tomorrow) to fix my scripts :sad:

Found a bug with the new editor, on occasion when i’m indenting myself, or studio does it creates a unicode character, which when parsed gives you an error, it’s not an actual blank space.
[Unexpected Unicode character: U+2028. Did you mean ’ '?]

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