Script editor not displaying words?

My issue relates to Roblox studio script editor I’ve tried asking programmers, but it seems they have yet to occur my issue. My issue is In the script editor the script isn’t properly displaying The code If this makes sense. One thing I seem to notice is that if I copy and paste the Code outside of studio it displays as Should. This problem also occurs in any game instance i try to edit the code in it’s missing words as I stated here i will provide a Streamble link to Show my POV of my issue.

External Media External Media

What have I tried?
resetting Roblox studio settings, checking if I have a proxy enabled (I don’t), reinstalling Roblox studio.

This issue occurred Thursday morning 5 AM and persisted till now I’m not sure what to do and my last option is to run a factory reset.


maybe its a roblox studio problem? try to reinstall studio


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