Script Editor rejects inputs when switching windows on first click

Bug and repro:
If you type in one script window and then click on another script window and start typing again, inputs get eaten and nothing happens. The simple way to overcome this is to simply click the second script window again before you can type.

It is a seemingly minor issue, but it frequently occurs enough times throughout working that If I’m not consciously clicking multiple times on a new script window, I will keep getting confused why nothing is coming up when I’m typing.

This is difficult to demonstrate without some sort of keyboard input visualizer, but here is my best attempt

I am immediately trying to type something when I click on ModuleScript2 initially and you can tell the highlighting state is changed, but nothing else happens.
(Need to take my word since I don’t have an input visualizer, should be easy to self-reproduce)

Also note that the flashing “typing bar” doesn’t actually show up until I click the second time a few seconds after, which then allows me to type.

EDIT: Added note about “typing bar”


Thank you for the report, I have filed a ticket with our engineers and will let you know when we have an update.


Hi, this should be fixed in the latest Studio version.

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